10 thoughts on “P6/7’s week in pictures…”

  1. I have enjoyed doing the relating task it was very fun seeing how everyone was a little bit or a lot connected with each other. I have also enjoyed making the rainforest layers even though it took a very very long time to make them and they all turned out very very beautiful and nice.

  2. I have enjoyed holding and getting out the stick insects.It was really fun holding them.I have also enjoyed making the rainforest layers.It was really exciting.I also enjoyed decorating the classroom to make it look like the Amazon rainforests.I really enjoyed it.

  3. I have enjoyed doing the rainforest art of making a 3D drawing and sticking it together it was really fun and I would really like to do it another time.

  4. I have enjoyed playing our connection game together and doing our rainforest layers art this week i also enjoyed drawing flowers for our rainforest themed wall and door and holding our stick insects.

  5. I enjoyed making all the vines and drawings for our rainforest because there colourful and joyful.I also loved doing the climate paintings because me and my group got to do temperate.This week has been a very fun week and I love having Mrs Smith as our teacher.🤩

  6. In P7/6 this week i have really enjoyed doing the rainforest art and transforming are classroom into a rainforest. I have enjoyed gymnastics in PE and also holding the stick insects and cleaning them.

  7. I enjoyed are rain forest art because we drew different plants in the rain forest it was very fun and very interesting to see all different plants 🪴😊

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