Weekly Review W/B 8th Nov

What an excellent week!

  • We have been learning about the story of the Poppy and what Remembrance Day is all about. We created some beautiful poppy pictures and all took part in a one minute silence.
  • We have been learning about animals that live on the forest floor and researched an animal of our choice. We wrote an information report on our chosen animal and then created a piece of art work based on one of these.
  • In Maths we have finished our block on subtraction and have now moved on to multiplication. Remember you can practise the trickier times tables on Hit the Button. This will help you increase your recall speed and confidence with these.
  • In Health and WellBeing we have been talking about reasons why people might take drugs or alcohol and their impact on peoples’ mood. We have continued to talk about relationships and how we form these.

What has been your highlight of the week and why?

22 thoughts on “Weekly Review W/B 8th Nov”

  1. I enjoyed doing our writing it was very fun making our notes and then writing it in our writing jotters I also enjoyed holding the stick insects it was very funny when they kept on moving from side to side.

  2. This week I have enjoyed learning about the story of the Poppy’s because it amazing how much people took part in the war and also creating the Poppy. Another thing I have enjoyed is learning more about the animals on the forest floor and did some writing about the animal that we chose.

  3. I have enjoyed doing the poppy Remembrance day art because I’ve never done so many dots in my life before on my paintings. I also enjoyed doing the rainforest writing about my Poison Dart Frog writing.

  4. My highlight of the week has been learning about Remembrance Day and what it was like for people when the war had started.

  5. My Highlights For This Week Have Been The Remembrance Day Poppy Art & The Drug Lesson In H&WB Because Remembrance Day Is A Good Time To Celebrate & It’s Important To Learn About Drugs For The Future.

  6. This week I enjoyed decorating our classroom and also doing the writing about our forest floor animals in the rainforest.I have also enjoyed getting out the stick insects to hold.I really enjoyed it.I have also enjoyed doing our Aztec patterns and our poppies.It was really exciting.

  7. My highlight of the week was finishing our rainforest animals because they’re now looking amazing on our window and have really added some colour to it.

  8. This week I enjoyed doing the rainforest , writing because I loved making the notes about the Bengal tiger.I also enjoyed learning about the rainforest animals and I’m excited for doing it next week.

  9. I really enjoyed making our animals! Our window looks so good with all the tigers, frogs, spiders, Jaguars and okapis and all the vines, trees, ferns and flowers really make me feel like we are in a real rainforest.

  10. I’ve enjoyed doing our rainforest art because it was very fun doing it. I have also enjoyed the rainforest writing because it was exciting adding different words.

  11. I enjoyed making my tiger with Zoe it was lots of fun and hard work. And I love how it looks on the window I’m so happy with all the others as well.

  12. I liked watching the videos about the war because it was interesting learning about what they did back in the war and how people coped with it.

  13. I enjoyed the art and the rainforest writing and i also liked running 6 times up the hill I found it so fun 🤩 😁😎.By Lucas price

  14. My highlight this week is learning about drugs and alcohol because it’s good to know what is good and bad. I also enjoyed the forest floor animal writing because it’s really cool learning about the animals. 🙂

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