Creating characters

Primary 2 have been creating their own characters, writing character cards and then making up their own stories about the characters. Mrs Finnie helped us to create our characters then we worked on the writing by using the picture to help us.

We have been surprised by the amount of planning we have had to do but, this has really helped us to get to know our characters and then write longer stories.

This week we will be learning about rough copies and re-drafting to polish up our work.

How did you feel when you had finished re-drafting your writing?

Our hour of code

On Tuesday afternoon we went along to the library and we learned:
1. Coding looks very complicated to do just simple things
2. There are three types of coding instructors – Blocks, JavaScript and Python
3. Blocks are the easiest, then JavaScript, then Python
4. This website had helping tutorials
5. Different variety of games you can change including the three instructors
We would recommend other people try out this website as our class found it enjoyable and we learned a lot!

Coding Website

Positive mindset with jen

We had an assembly about having a positive mindset. We played a game that taught us things like The Power of Yet and Life is a Mirror. In the afternoon we had a workshop with Jen where we had to work together to complete some puzzles. We discussed perseverance and how we learn from our mistakes and to not give up on things. We found out that Ed Sheeran had to work very hard to become a good musician and he didn’t always sound as good as he does now!

Wood work

We have been using our wood bench to create models. We selected pieces of wood then stuck our model together with wood glue. We had to think carefully about the shapes we wanted to make.

Castle activities

We have been busy learning all about castles. We have had fun making and painting castles. Some of us drew a plan of our castles then worked as a group to build them.


We used polystyrene to press print castles and we used our paint brushes carefully to paint castles with lots of detail.


Term 4

We have had a very busy first week back after the Easter holidays.

This term we are going to be looking at Spring and growing. We have had lots of suggestions from the children about what they would like to grow both indoors and outdoors – thank you! We have an investigation tray, so if you have anything that shows signs of spring please bring them in!

We were also drawing some flowers on the computer using colour magic.

Some of the afternoon children found worms in our garden so decided to make a wormery for them. We had to use google to find out what worms like to eat too!

We made fruit salad for snack and were practising our fine motor skills by cutting up all the fruit.

It was so sunny on Friday that we took a walk up to the back of the school to use the “mugga” and have a picnic snack. On the way back we noticed that there were lots of signs of spring. “daffodils” “bumble bees going buuuzzzz” “birds tweeting” “green grass”.

Water Experiment

On Wednesday we created a very simple water cycle.

We had warm water in the bowl.  We put cling film on the top to stop the water vapour escaping.  We then put the ice cube on top to represent the colder atmosphere.   Condensation formed on the clingfilm and gathered together.  It then created water droplets and fell back into the bowl, precipitation.

David and Goliath

We took our RME lesson outdoors as it was such a beautiful, sunny day.

We heard the Bible story of David and Goliath and learned the message about being assertive when people are unkind to us.

We had expected Goliath the Giant to win the battle in the story but, were surprised when it was David who was much smaller who won.

We are going to think about times in our own lives when we can use the message from this Bible story.