Term 4

We have had a very busy first week back after the Easter holidays.

This term we are going to be looking at Spring and growing. We have had lots of suggestions from the children about what they would like to grow both indoors and outdoors – thank you! We have an investigation tray, so if you have anything that shows signs of spring please bring them in!

We were also drawing some flowers on the computer using colour magic.

Some of the afternoon children found worms in our garden so decided to make a wormery for them. We had to use google to find out what worms like to eat too!

We made fruit salad for snack and were practising our fine motor skills by cutting up all the fruit.

It was so sunny on Friday that we took a walk up to the back of the school to use the “mugga” and have a picnic snack. On the way back we noticed that there were lots of signs of spring. “daffodils” “bumble bees going buuuzzzz” “birds tweeting” “green grass”.

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