Happy Christmas from p5

We would like to wish you and your families a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Thanks for all your hard work this term. Here are a few highlights from the class.

Vivienne – My favourite thing was writing. I liked doing descriptive, Christmas and free writing best. I also liked doing gymnastics in PE. I liked when we got to show the class our work. I liked doing the presentation for the Sustainable Squad, the snowflakes and the Space pictures in pastels.

Rosie – I really liked doing the Inspire Christmas iPad activities. I also liked making Christingles.

Ellie – I liked the pantomime because it was really funny!

Eden – I liked making the owls even though it took me a long time to do. I also liked when we brought our pumpkins into school.

James – I liked making the light up pictures. I also liked writing and the pantomime.

Lowri – I liked doing the space topic and making space pictures, Christingles and owls. I also liked doing spot the difference on Inspire learning and making the light up pictures.

Leah – I liked painting the calendar. I also liked gymnastics in PE and the Christmas party. I liked the Christmas lunch, writing and the pantomime.

Ruby – I liked Scottish dancing.

Taylor – My favourite things were basketball, the Inspire activities on keynote and writing. I loved doing the nature walk! I also loved the Christmas stained glass art.

Matthew- I liked doing the calendar from Inspire learning. I also liked the Christmas party, Christmas free writing, gymnastics and the pantomime.

Beth – I liked us having a Halloween party in the classroom. I also liked doing the early morning starter tasks and the Christingles.

Zara – I liked the Christmas party. I also liked making the light up pictures, owls and Christingles.

Struan – I liked doing perspective in art.

Grace – I liked having the Christmas dinner, the Christingles and making the owls and poppies. I liked the Halloween and Christmas parties and the pantomime!

Final week of 2021 in P7B

We have had a very Christmassy few days in P7 and have enjoyed taking part in lots of Christmas activities!

Christmas Party:

Our Christmas Lunch:

Christmas iPad activities:

We made symmetrical snowflakes on Sketches, Christmas cards on Keynote and made gifs.

On Wednesday we enjoyed the virtual pantomime with an ice lolly!

The class also shared their Christmas stories with the Primary 1s. We have been working hard over the past few weeks to create and adapt different Christmas stories.

The children worked well in their small groups and the little ones certainly enjoyed hearing about the different characters and storylines!

These Christmas Story Treasuries will come home this week. You will be able to see the creativity and effort gone into each book.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year! See you all in 2022 for some more Primary 7 fun 🤩

Primary 7 Christmas Party

Monday was party day in Primary 7 and we all had a brilliant time!

We enjoyed some Scottish Country dances and games.

All of the children had their party food in their classrooms with Christmas music and selfie props.

Everyone returned to the hall for more games and party dances including the Cha Cha slide and the Macarena!

Thank you to the Parent Council for our party food.

Ho ho ho !

We had a very important guest in our class today – Santa !

while Santa spent some time with us Mr Harkness had the job of feeding the reindeer their carrots. They were parked on the roof and they were very well behaved. Rudolph was being a bit mischievous but, once he had had his carrots he was quite happy.

We all had a turn at ripping the paper off of the parcels and we were very Eco friendly when we put the wrappings in the recycling bin.

In the afternoon after we had completed all of our jobs we had a great time playing with our new games.



Thank you, Santa!


December fun

December is going by so fast but what fun we have been having.

The children decided some acts of kindness they would like to undertake for their advent countdown to Christmas. They have been incredibly thoughtful and have enjoyed bringing a smile to others.

We have undertaken a litter pick, gifted a tree decoration to each class, gifted flowers, made cards for our community, told jokes, given complement’s and much more. The energy, positivity and gratitude the class have shown has been amazing. They have created a gratitude tree on our window with baubles identifying what they are grateful for and another window display of gifts we give that can’t be bought from the shop e.g. friendship and working together.

We thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas party and our gift from the parent council.


We have continued to recap our learning through Christmas themed activities, crafts and Christmas mysteries we had to solve with clues.

We look forward to what next week shall bring.
Stay safe and have a lovely weekend.

Review of the week

We continued reading, writing and maths this week as well as doing many Christmas crafty things.

Here are the Christmas cards we made.

We made felt stuffed owls, using many skills such as threading, tying knots, sewing and cutting.

Our party on Tuesday afternoon was a great success. We danced and played games with P5b and enjoyed party food and drink.

We have learned lots from the Inspire 12 days of Christmas iPad activities. We have made animated gif cards, Memojis and AR scenes.

Mrs Hill, a retired science teacher and STEM ambassador, gave us light up circuits she made. We designed a picture and choose where the light should go, and where the switch should go.
Here are our creations, thank you Mrs Hill!

P7B’s Penultimate Week in 2021

Written by P7B

This week:

  • We completed some Christmas problem solving activities. We had to use a range of problem solving strategies, such as trial and error and draw a table or a picture. We had to use our teamwork skills as we had the option to work with a partner or small group.
  • In writing, we have been looking at Narrative writing and have created our own Christmas Treasury containing a number of Christmas stories. Our first was based on the film, The Snowman, the second, on a book called Christmas Gingerbread and the third is a diary written by a busy elf who works in Santa’s workshop. We are looking forward to sharing our work with some of the younger pupils next week.
  • We practised our listening skills by completing a Christmas tree picture. The main skill that we find difficult is listening to all of the instructions, not just the first part. We will continue to work on this next term.
  • We had a Prefect Break where we had the opportunity to play table tennis, Just Dance and Karaoke, free time on ipads and crafts.
  • Some of the children have read a non-fiction book which included Christmas traditions from around the world. One of the chapters focused on food and featured Panettone from Italy. We all tried some on Friday. Most people in the class enjoyed it and likened the taste to mince pies. Those who didn’t some didn’t enjoy it said it was too sweet.
  • We received our Christmas presents from Mrs Wilkinson a little early so we can wear them next week for the Christmas lunch.

We are looking forward to:

  • Our Christmas Party on Monday
  • The Christmas Lunch on Tuesday
  • Watching the Christmas Pantomime
  • Painting our clay sculptures
  • Taking our Christmas crafts home!
  • The Christmas holidays!