The BFG…and other characters!

We have been really enjoying getting to know the characters in our class novel, the BFG.  From the BFG and Sophie to horrible  giants the Bloodbottler and Fleshlumpeater giants Roald Dahl is fantastic at using descriptive language like adjectives or his own made up  ‘gobblefunk’ words to paint a picture of them in our heads.

We all have our own favourite literary characters from stories we have read – Mrs Wallace loves Mathilda from Roald Dahl’s book Mathilda as she is brave, clever and faces lots of horrible things to get to her happy ending at the end!

Comment below with your favourite character – who they are and why you love them!

11 thoughts on “The BFG…and other characters!”

  1. My favourite is the BFG because he doesn’t eat human beans [as he says in his language]. He is a bit shy because a bit later in the book he doesn’t want to show himself and he is friendly because it says it in his name the BIG FRIENDLY GAINT. The BFG gobble funks his words like [ all the other giants is eating human beans all the time ] by Rachael .

  2. I love the BFG because he is really friendly. I know that he is because he protects Sophie[the orphan] and because he doesn’t eat human beans[his language for human beings] and I love Sophie because she doesn’t make fun of the way he talks and because she tries to not correct him when he gets things wrong .BY Emily

  3. I think the BFG is a really good friend and not like the other
    giants because he does not eat human beaning’s he only
    eats snozzcumber beings because he is nice
    by Innes.

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