P4 3 amazing magnet games revealed at open afternoon

All of the games took a long time to make but they were fun to make. We had to co-operate with our group and we had to solve problems as we made the games. Our designed changed as we created the games.

The children were very confident telling the adults about their games and experiments. We had lots of lovely comments on our feedback sheets e.g.

Tara, Innes, Ruaridh: Interesting game & solid construction  and design. Thank you for the fun!

Holly, Jay, Aimee: Loved this game; really easy and fun to play and beautifully presented!

Rachael, Callum, Lewis: Great fun. Kids explained it very well. Well done guys, great effort.

Lucien, Cody, Freya: Lovely colourful game! Thanks for helping me through it.

Rana, Andrew, Joshua: Good game. They all helped me to play it.

Sam, Emily, Adam: Explained very well and enthusiastically.

Alfie, Paddy: Fantastic demonstration of how the magnets work. Very good.

Dawa: dawa explained her game clearly. Well done.

My Mum said it was amazing – Cody.

My Mum said it was good team work – Emily.

My Mummy said it was awesome and great fun for the children who did it – Tara.


P3 recording the Gruffalo play script

We have been learning to change the tone of our voice when we see a question mark or an exclamation mark. We recorded our voices with the small microphones and listened to our voices.

It’s a bit funny and a bit embarrassing hearing your own voice. It doesn’t sound like you.

Dawa Emily

P4 podcasts about World Book Day and Magnets

They were AMAZING!

Lucien and Adam did a podcast about Magnets.

It was very clear and at a good pace. It was very interesting.  They made up a little tune which we all enjoyed.

Ruaridh and Paddy did a podcast about World Book Day. It was also very interesting and clear.

Mrs Thomson is going to do her best to add these to the Blog (They need to be changed to mp3 files, so she will try to do this at home.)

Our next steps in learning will be to cut out the gaps and hesitations (there aren’t many now that we’ve practised.) But that might be better left until P5 or P6.

Can you make a podcast at home? Save it on a USB and I will try to put it on the blog.

What would make a good subject for a podcast? What would you like to listen to a podcast about?


Times Tables

Here are some games to help you with your tables.  If you have any other good ones then please let us know.

















Magnet Madness

At the start of our new topic we have been asking lots of questions about magnets and also sharing what we know.  We have started to experiment and test some of our ideas in preparation for making magnet games.