Week beginning 23rd September 2019

Oliver R enjoyed the large numbers assessment work.   (I thought you did brilliantly Oliver – Mrs Scott)

In PE, Charlie and most of the class enjoyed uni hock because you got to hit it really hard and use both sides of the stick.

Nearly half of the class enjoyed Art this week when we started to work on flowers using magazines.  Our class upcycling.

Block 1 Homework

Holly enjoyed painting all the jars for her upcycling homework turning jars into storage pots.   Rana liked wrapping the box and paper tubes in wrapping paper creating desk tidier.  Great work girls.

Water pollution by Angus ,Lauren

Water pollution can be oil spill ,plastic ,sewage .

ANIMALS DIE!!!!! we don’t want that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Oil spill is where big ships that carry lots of oil get a hole in it and it leaks.

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Plastic pollution can be caused by plastic thrown on the ground.

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Sewage can be lead into the river and carried into the sea.

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Pollution and what you can do! By Elise and Rose:)

In our topic work we have been learning about pollution. It is in the air, water and on land. We have some ideas to stop pollution. you could walk to school more or get the bus, help plant trees and don’t dump rubbish on beaches or you could up cycle some old clothes, magazines and things you could or can’t recycle.

make decorationsImage result for upcycling with rubbish Image result for easy upcycling with rubbish for kids a bagImage result for easy upcycling with rubbish for kids A piggy bank

These are only some ideas. what can you come up with??????

this is what some kids have to do instead of education

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