Star Christmas cards

We read the Christmas story with lovely golden illustrations that told of the star leading the wise men to the stable.

We made beautiful star Christmas cards which we are very proud of. We had to cut out a silver or gold star and decorate tracing paper with sharpies then cut a star out of that. We rotated the tracing paper star to fit in the gaps. We were delighted when we saw the 2 stars intertwined.

Things to remember

Monday is party day. Please wear your party clothes to school but remember to bring your school uniform to change into.

Tuesday is Christmas lunch. If you wish you may bring a Christmas jumper to wear during lunchtime. Please wear school uniform for the rest of the day.

10 times table word problems created by P3. Can you work out the answers?

10 times table problems made up by P3   12.12. 16

In Paris there are 10 motor bikes. There are 2 people on each one. How many people altogether?


There were 10 boxes of teddy bears. There were 5 teddy bears in each box. How many teddy bears altogether?


There are 10 cages. In each cage there are 9 rabbits. How many rabbits are there altogether?


There are 10 presents. There are 200 Darth Vaders in each present. How many Darth Vaders altogether?


There were 10 Christmas trees with 5 presents under each one. How many presents altogether?


There were 10 Santas and they delivered 6 presents each. How many presents did they deliver altogether?


There are 10 presents and in each present there are 10 chocolate Santas. How many Santas altogether?


There are 10 presents in each present there are 8 tiny reindeer. How many reindeer altogether?


There are 10 reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh. Santa gave each one

  • 4 carrots
  • 2 bells
  • 3 apples
  • 1 nametag

How many of each did Santa need?

Cute Snowmen for sale

Today we made cute snowmen decorations to sell at the Christmas Fair tomorrow. Each one is unique. We had help from Miss McLean and Mrs Pyatt, two volunteers who work with us every Monday. Our delightful snowmen are a bargain at the price of 50p each.