Novel Presentations

Primary 5 Homework is due the week beginning the 10th June.  This is a presentation on a book you have read.  Criteria for this includes telling your audience;  title and author, genre, describing the main character/s, describing the setting;  telling us about the plot  – use terms build up, problem and solution and finally recommendations with reasons why – eg for age/genre, own life experience.  We look forward to hearing about your novels.


Kelso Countryside Day


We had a fantastic day in Kelso.

Rana enjoyed seeing all the baby animals.

Alfie liked touching the baby chicks and lots of us liked the ducklings.  We thoroughly enjoyed the delicious ice-cream.  Benjamin enjoyed seeing the large machinery and Oliver enjoyed seeing the combine harvester working.  Cody liked the big snails.  Callum liked tasting the honey, it was sweet.   Daniel thought the guinea pigs were cute.   Kingsland really loved the milking competition and at one point Kingsland 2 were in the lead with 2030 ml.

County Sports

Well done to all the boys and girls who took part in the County Sports.  It was a fantastic night with an excellent turn out.  Rana won the Jubilee Trophy for the fastest girl in Primary 5.  Well done.

Anyone for Tennis?

P5/4 had a great morning at our tennis taster session at Peebles Tennis club.  Marc and Paul did a range of skills activities with us individually and in pairs. By the end of the session we were having proper rallies using all we had learned. It was great fun!

Water Cycle Experiment

We were investigating what happened to water vapour when it cooled.   We found out that water vapour condenses and turns into liquid water (condensation).   Eventually all the liquid water gathered together and dripped down – precipitation.

Tennis Fun

We had a great time up at Peebles Tennis Courts.  We warmed up with a game in pairs then we used a racket and ball individually trying to keep the ball up in the air.  Next we worked with a partner and finally we had a game trying to get the ball over the net and keep it within our court section.  We all had a fun time.  Thank you Marc and Paul.

Science Experiement

We wanted to find out what happened to solid water when it was heated.  We set up our experiment and observed.  Most of us thought the ice (solid water) would melt to liquid water.  The ice did melt then the liquid water disappeared.    Liquid water turned into a gas, water vapour – evaporation.