P7A Review of the week 30.10.20

Another busy week!  Here are some of the highlights:

  • Walk to school week (including Shoesday)
  • Wonder selfies
  • elf yourself
  • Decimals
  • Animal Information Reports
  • Note taking
  • long /o/ spelling – we love our rhyming game
  • Compassion & Kindness discussions
  • Spooky art
  • Halloween Kahoot

What was your favourite? What did you try really hard with?

P7B Review of the Week 30.10.20

Some of the highlights of this week –

  • Shoesday
  • Walk to School Week
  • Remembrance Day information reports and art
  • Halloween art and quiz
  • Kindness Tree
  • Coordinate maths
  • Direction maths
  • The Graveyard Book
  • Secret kindness pen pals
  1. What did you enjoy most this week?
  2. What was completely new learning to you this week?
  3. If you could go back to the start of the week, what would you tell yourself to make it better?


Happy Shoesday

As part of ‘Walk to School Week’ we were given the choice to wear something funky on our feet today for ‘Shoesday Tuesday’.  Without discussing it, our teachers came in co-ordinating footwear – what a team!

Here we are in some of our favourite or funkiest footwear:

P7A Review of the week 23.10.20

This week we have been learning about:

  • Decimals – multiplying by 10, 100, 1000 and multiples of these
  • Scale Drawing
  • Spelling using other patterns to spell the long /i/ sound
  • The different features of an Information Report
  • Effective Note taking
  • Building Resilience – Be kind to others (Skipper)
  • Basketball in PE

We also had Music with Mrs Inglis for the first time this session.  We got to use the Garage Band app on our iPads.

P7B Review of the Week 23.10.20

It was lovely to welcome you all back after the October break. We have had a busy first week back with lots of new learning, a new class novel, an assembly, new guidance to keep ourselves safe, and a chance to catch up with our friends again.

Answer the questions below to review your learning experiences this week.

  1. What three things did you enjoy doing the most?

  2. What did you learn about yourself this week and what made you realise this?

  3. What would you like to have more time on?

Can you make the shapes?

P7B have been working together in problem solving to use their reading and maths skills. They read a description and tried to create a shape that fitted the description. We used our iPads to help with our drawings and learnt how to use the ruler function to measure and draw straight lines.

We found it was interesting that we all interpreted the instructions differently and there wasn’t just one way of creating the shape.

Here are a few of the descriptions – see if you can create the shape (it was much harder than we first thought).

  1.  A five-sided shape with one right angle and one pair of parallel sides.

  2.   A four-sided shape with two pairs of parallel sides, four equal sides and no right angles.

  3. A six-sided shape with no right angles and one pair of parallel sides.




JRSO and House Captain Announcement

Congratulations to our new JRSOs and House Captains who were announced today at assembly.

The JRSOs are –

William Mac, Summer and Tara

House Captains are –

David House – Benjamin and Frazer

Alexander House – Rose and Charlie

James House – Thomas and Elise


Everyone in P7 wishes them lots of luck with their new roles. We know they will try their very best.

P7B Review of the Week 2.10.20

We’ve been working really hard this week and recovering from our fantastic Dalguise at Home week last week.

Some of the highlights from this week include –

  • Testing electrostatic forces on balloons and rulers
  • Creating thank you cards
  • Descriptive writing about refugees
  • Testing magnets and making a compass
  • Trying some Maths Week Scotland activities
  • Collaborating for problem solving using our whiteboard apps

What piece of learning stuck in your head the most this week?

What would you like to learn more about?

What do you need to do more of before we start assessments next week?


P7A Weekly Update 2.10.20

Can you believe it is October already? It has certainly felt a lot chillier today – please remember to wear layers from now on and always bring a coat!

Our fantastic week last week is featured in this week’s Peeblesshire News – check it out!

This week we have been reflecting on our “Residential at Home” week In our Writing and creating thank you cards for All the adults who made it possible.  We’ve been learning a little about decimals in Numeracy and have continued developing our spelling of the long /e/ sound.  Grammar focused on Singular and Plural and we also write descriptions of the Main Character from our Novel Study ‘Wonder’.

In Science we explored friction, tension and weight distribution when we designed and made our own mini Zip wires.

How successful was your zip wire? What worked/did not work and why? How did you fix any issues found while testing?