P7A Weekly Update 2.10.20

Can you believe it is October already? It has certainly felt a lot chillier today – please remember to wear layers from now on and always bring a coat!

Our fantastic week last week is featured in this week’s Peeblesshire News – check it out!

This week we have been reflecting on our “Residential at Home” week In our Writing and creating thank you cards for All the adults who made it possible.  We’ve been learning a little about decimals in Numeracy and have continued developing our spelling of the long /e/ sound.  Grammar focused on Singular and Plural and we also write descriptions of the Main Character from our Novel Study ‘Wonder’.

In Science we explored friction, tension and weight distribution when we designed and made our own mini Zip wires.

How successful was your zip wire? What worked/did not work and why? How did you fix any issues found while testing?

19 thoughts on “P7A Weekly Update 2.10.20”

  1. It was successful but I would of been better of not using string.
    The string didn’t really work that well.
    One of my issues was that is wasn’t steep enough so I put cups underneath.

  2. My zip wire worked, the height of mine I think was what worked and the fact that Steve was heavy also helped because he moved quick there was not really any problems accept from the leaking at the start of session two of building them.

  3. I really liked doing the zip lines. I thought I would do horrible by myself but I actually didn’t do too bad.
    It was fun chatting with friends doing this and trying the zip lines I tried it but I didn’t have a heavy enough item to go down it so it didn’t really work

  4. 1my zip wire was really good in the end but then it broke
    2 I had to make the zip wire higher so it would go down easer

  5. I think my zip line went ok it could of had more tension to make it work better and If I had a we bit more materials and time.

  6. My zip line worked it was very simple I put three toilet papers into each other taped it at the bottom and tied the string at the top I brung a Lego figure I took its head of put the paper clip round his neck put his head back on hooked the paper clip round the string!

  7. My problem with my zip line was that when I tried to attache the ribbon it kept falling of and my success was that it turned out how I wanted It to look.

  8. My zipline was not the best at the start because I used string and it had a lot of friction and not a good enough angle but I tightened the string and it worked very well

  9. 1) my zip wire was really successful

    2)using string didn’t work so I swapped it for ribbon

    3)the ribbon didn’t have enough tension so I pulled back the supports to make more tension.

  10. I think my first Zip line wasn’t the best.
    It doesn’t really work that well.
    But when I changed it and made it higher and put more structure into it it worked really well.

  11. My zip wire was really hard to make it stand because I had two decently sized poles and I needed to stand them up. Afterwards I got a box and trimmed and flattened it to make it stand. The string I used was smooth and there was less friction so my zip line eventually started to work.

  12. I used two bits of cardboard with ribbon for the zip line ribbon is better than wool and string because it has less tension
    My zip line worked well in the end

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