Week ending 27/3/20

Mrs Harrison, Mrs Scott and Mrs Smith

Hello P6, we have made it through week one and are still smiling.  Thank you for posting all your home learning tasks and Block 3 Homework Activities on our ‘share your learning’ page .  We have been blown away by how hard you have all worked and how creative you are all being.

We look forward to reading all your future posts and learning about what things you do with your family.  Remember you can email us, post a comment on our P6 Blog, take part in the Kingsland Challenge and post your work to the ‘sharing your learning’ page

We are looking forward to the weekend.  Can any of you recommend any good films to watch?

Hello from Mrs Harrison, Mrs Scott and Mrs Smith

Mrs Harrison, Mrs Scott and Mrs Smith hope that Primary 6 are all well and keeping safe.

We hope that you will keep in touch with us all and share what you have been doing at home.  You can do this by adding your work to the Shared Learning Page, by commenting on the blog or by emailing us.

We look forward to hearing from you all.

Take care, stay safe and keep cool.

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Block 3 Homework

Here is a reminder of your Block 3 Homework.   

Please choose one starter, one main and one dessert activity.


  • Make a quiz based on what you have been learning about in mapping e.g. a flag quiz, a capital cities quiz, etc.
  • Design a multiplication game that can be used to practise double digit multiplication.
  • Approximately what fraction of the walls of your bedroom is made of glass? Write about what you did to find out.
  • Make a poster demonstrating your knowledge of equivalent fractions.


  • Debates (Can be displayed in any form e.g. poster, PPT, etc)
  • Create your own motion to debate.
  • List as many proposing arguments and opposing arguments as possible.
  • Remember to give reasons for your answers.


  • Persuasive writing
  • Write a piece of exposition writing to try and convince your teacher to allow you to do something in class e.g. Always write with a pen or change seats every day, etc
  • Remember to include
  • An introduction
  • Arguments
  • Conclusion


  • Write about a famous Scottish person. Include at least 6 facts and opinions to tell us about them.



  • Create a French game demonstrating numbers to 100.
  • Investigate a Scottish Architect/ artist and create something based on their style.
  • Produce a 3D map of Scotland showing some physical features and locations of major cities.


World Book Day

Decorated Door Challenge

P6B voted to use the novel Birthday Boy by David Baddiel to decorate our classroom door.  We all had great ideas and worked really hard to create it.  We are thoroughly enjoying the story as well!