Tasty Homework

Wow! I am delighted with Joseph’s homework today. Joseph has made apple crumble for the Gardener’s café homework and has brought in a dish of it foe me to eat. It looks and smells very tasty and appetising. HUGE THANKS to Joseph and his family.

Goldentime: Great co-operation and speedy tidying

A HUGE WELL DONE to all P3, P4/3 and P4 pupils who were at Goldentime outside with me today. You all shared the imagination boxes, dressing up and dens equipment really well. I enjoyed watching your imaginative ideas and the fun you were having together.

Then you packed it all away so well and so quickly.

I am impressed.

Mrs Thomson

Fascinating Facts about Bolivia

A huge thank you to Mrs. Holt-Cabrera for coming to talk to us about Bolivia. We learned all about the 2 different areas in Bolivia and their climate, the animals, plants and people there.

What reasons would you give for wanting/not wanting to visit Bolivia? Look at Mrs. Holt-Cabrera’s PowerPoint to remember all those interesting animals, plants, people and the climate.

amazon powerpoint

P4 Spelling Activities


Image result for spelling clipart

Each week we will post the spelling pattern we have learned in class.

Use the link below to find suggested activities to practise the rule at home.

Primary 4 Spelling Activities

This week’s homework words: Use the rule replace the y with i and add er or est with these root words:

silly,  happy, chilly, hilly, sunny, sandy, easy, skinny

This weeks homework 15.5.17 adding ed and ing to change the word to past tense or present tense.

changed changing dragged dragging saved saving loved loving

Words chosen by Adam and Paddy