What makes plants grow? What has changed?

What changes do you see?

Our plant experiments 11.5.17

Our conclusions:Plants need water, light and heat. Benny – everyone agreed.

Plants need nurtured (cared for and looked after) Emily

Plants need something to grow in. Callum

Plants need nutrients and heat. Nutrients from the soil. Joseph.

Plants need air. Paddy (They take the carbon dioxide and give us oxygen)

If a plant doesn’t get the sun it won’t turn green.

online activity Can you grow a healthy plant?

What experiments did we do to find out what plants need to grow? What have you observed after only one day?

Hot and cold colours underwater art

Thank you Mrs. Ryalls for displaying our fish so beautifully. You have made it look like they are swimming.

Look carefully to see how we have added detail to our fish.

Can you explain how you created these beautiful fish and their watery backgrounds?

Wow! Look at our art gallery now.

Here are some of our comments about our learning that we told Mrs. Finnie:

Innes: We are learning about hot and cold colours. The paint needs to be thick on the background.

Joseph: We cut our fish out neatly. We had to paint our background from side to side. We thought carefully about where we could stick our fish.

Kayla: We mixed colours to make our own mixtures to make them brighter.

Lewis: We did the fish with little brushes and the background with big brushes. I preferred the big brushes.

What did you learn in these art lessons? What do you need more experience of? What did you like best?

This sounds fishy

We have been learning about hot and cold colours. We have been drawing amazing fish with oil pastels. They had to be big. We had to choose hot colours to draw scales, straight lines and wavy lines. We had to leave some gaps in our colouring and then we painted in between the spaces.

We painted the background with cold colours. Then we put bubble wrap on the paint and pulled it off to make bubbles in the sea. Joshua and Paddy had a good idea. They painted the bubble wrap and pressed it on the paper.

Watch out as our art is added to the blog.