Week ending 30th August 2019



These are our P6B pledges to help Save our World.   Thomas has pledged to reuse plastic bags.   Oliver R has pledged to look after his pet and recycle.

I enjoyed learning about the Rainforest environment particularly how many animals and birds live there.  Tara

I have enjoyed the place value game with the dice trying to make the highest number.  Callum

I enjoyed playing hockey even although I kept falling over the stick.  Rana

Everyone said that the place value song with the words hundreds, thousands and millions really helped our number work.


First week in Primary 6

Mrs Harrison has had a great first few days with Primary 6a. We have had a busy time creating bookmarks and frames for the pictures outside of our room. We have thought about what we have to do to make a happy classroom and we even had time today to do some maths! Mrs Harrison has loved her first few days and Mrs Smith looks forward to seeing you all on Monday.

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First Week in Primary 6

I enjoyed worked out the coded number square as it was fun trying to work out the order of the pieces, Daniel.

I liked using my imagination making my picture frame, Jessica.

I enjoyed putting the dice in order to make a higher number than Frazer.

I enjoyed when we had to make the lowest number using the dice, Thomas.

I liked making the flowers and butterflies for our Garden display for the Horticultural Show at the Drill  Hall tomorrow. Tara