Week beginning 22/10/19

Primary 6B have came back to school enthusiastic and ready to learn after having a lovely October break.

Waiting for Charlie and Murray were letters from the author they had written to in Primary 5.   David Baddiel had written back much to the boys’ excitement.

Charlie said that he was really excited when he saw the letter and he liked David Baddiel’s comment at the end saying that he gets his ideas from his imagination and from his son.

Block 1 Homework

Primary 6A and Primary B shared their Block 1 homework this afternoon.

  • upcycling ideas were great
  • super onomatopoeia posters were made
  • number games and big number posters and power points were created
  • identifying shapes in the outside world
  • and more

Here is a small selection


2D and 3D shape

Primary 6B were exploring different types of triangles.

Equilateral Triangles;  all three sides equal, all 3 angles equal and no parallel or perpendicular  lines.

Isosceles Triangles; two sides are equal and two angles are equal.

Right Angle Triangle;  one angle is 90 degrees and  has perpendicular lines.

Scalene Triangle;  all 3 sides and angles are different.

We have also been looking at the nets of 3D shapes.

We made cubes with 6 squares.

We made cuboids with four rectangles and two squares.

We made triangular prisms with three rectangles and two triangles.

We made square based pyramids with one square and four triangles.

We made triangular based pyramids with 4 triangles.

We made regular dodecahedrons  with 12 pentagons.

We made octahedrons with eight triangles.

Our class representatives.

Well done to our newly elected representatives who were elected this week.

Lauren is our new Class Council rep.

Well done also to Jay, William and Callum who also stood.

Image result for save the environment

Roderick is our new Sustainable Squad rep. Well done also to Alfie and Erin who also stood for election.

Roderick wowed us with his speech which was;

I believe that the environment is the most important thing because without the environment we wouldn’t exist. We have amazing mountains, incredible seas and breath taking animals that need protecting. WE CAN’T lose them!

I promise that I will help the Sustainability Squad engage with the whole school and do something about the environment.

Well done to everybody -they were closely fought elections.