Review of the Year

Well, we’ve nearly come to the end of an extraordinary year. Mrs Little and Mrs Brown are incredibly proud of you and have loved working with you all this year.

Here are just a few elements from this year-

  • Dalguise at Home week
  • Online assemblies
  • Covid-19 rules to follow
  • Using the iPads in school
  • Home learning/Learning in the hub
  • Lots of literacy, maths and health and well-being
  • Skipper!
  • Virtual Christmas events
  • Mrs Anderson’s retirement
  • Mrs Wilson’s retirement
  • Live n Learn sessions
  • Murder Mystery Day
  • Playing on the field
  • Lunches on the balcony
  • Creating our virtual Leavers’
  • High school preparation
  • Pretend 2 day visit

What has been the highlight of your P7 year?

What has been the biggest challenge of the year?

What do you feel you have overcome?

What are you most proud of?

What have you been thankful for this year?

22 thoughts on “Review of the Year”

  1. what has been the highlight of your P7 year?: my biggest highlight was probably dulgaise , bc I spent a whole week doing fun things with all my friends?

    what has been the biggest challenge of the year?:having to follow the COVID restrictions and not being able to mix.

    What do you feel you have overcome?: my fear for going to highschool.

    What are you most proud of?: all my work that I spent a lot of time on.

    What have you been thankful for this year?: being able to still have fun with all my friends even tho Ovid is still around.

  2. 1) dalguise at home week
    2) lots of maths and literacy
    3) the fear of going to the high school
    4) I’m proud of myself Following most of the COVID rules
    5) everything

  3. 1. The biggest highlight of my year was Dalguise at home week. I got to spend time with my class and the other class. I also learnt some new life skills at forest schools.

    2. The biggest challenge this year was the COVID rules to follow. I really missed my friends from the other class and it just felt weird without them. Also we couldn’t do that much things with them so that was also challenging.

    3. I think I overcame home learning. At the start I found it challenging but I got used to it and quite enjoyed it.

    4. I’m most proud of our virtual leavers assembly. We’ve worked really hard on it and i really enjoyed it. Also I’m proud of the skills that I’ve improved on like speaking confidently in front of the class.

    5.I’ve even thankful for the 2 day pretend high school visit. It gave me a good idea of what High school is like. Also I’m thankful for my friends that have helped me through this tricky year.

  4. 1.Dalguise at home week.
    2.getting back into a routine .
    3. I have overcome all the changes that COVID has.
    4.all my improvement in my work.
    5.getting to go to school and not being stuck at home because of COVID.

  5. 1. My highlight of P7 has been when we got to do a lot of Christmas activities and being able to still have a lot of the P7 privileges even though Covid has been here.
    2. The biggest challenge has been going into lockdown and then having to catch up on work or a challenge has been having to follow the COVID rules.
    3.I feel that I have overcome going into lockdown because I still did my school work .
    4.I’m most proud of my art because it all turned out a lot better than I thought.
    5.My highlight has been Dalguise at home week because we got to do a lot of extremely fun stuff.

  6. 1.dalguise at home week.

    2. Home learning and covid rules.

    3. Home learning.

    4. The work I have produced in maths,literacy and health and well-being.

    5. How the teachers organised a dalguise week for us at home and lots of other fun activities they organised for us.

  7. 1) My highlights from this year have been being able to play on the field, dalguise at home week, murder mystery.
    2) The biggest challenge for me was that during lockdown I could not see the majority of my friends.
    3) I feel that I have overcome lockdown this year.
    4) I am most proud of my school report.
    5) I have been thankful for being able to come out of lockdown like other people in the world

  8. 1. Learning about all the life skills throughout the year so I can live a wonderful life.
    2. Not being able to mix with the other class until 2 weeks ago.
    3. That COVID was putting us down until we overcame it by doing fun things in our class bubble.
    4. All of my wok that I have done over this traumatic year.
    5. I have been thankful for everything all the help I’ve got through the year.

  9. 1)dalguise at home, getting the field, a good report, murder mystery
    2) the biggest challenge of the year was lockdown and not seeing many people
    3) lockdown
    4) my report
    5) being able to come out of lockdown

  10. 1) Dalguise at home week.
    2) Covid-19 rules to follow!
    3) High school presentation.
    4) My maths.
    5) Everything except covid.

  11. 1. Actually being able to do something like dalguise even tho we had to do it at home

    2. COVID rules of the maths

    3 . Literacy and maths

    4. Getting better at my handwriting

    5. How much our teachers have been nice to us and made it fun for us

  12. 1. Having fun at dalguise at home week.
    2. Not being able to mix with the other class and seeing my friends.
    3. I have overcame all the changes made because of COVID-19.
    4. I am most proud of the fact that I have managed to deal with all of the challenges of the changes made.
    5. I have been most thankful for the fact that the teachers have all persevered and still worked hard to get work out to us.

  13. 1. Dalguise at home week was really fun and I remember a lot, the hill walk was pretty tiring but it was fun.
    2. COVID 19 rules were pretty hard to follow but I managed to follow them!
    3. COVID 19 restrictions because I managed to follow the COVID rules and not mix with anyone until they said we were allowed.
    4. Virtual leavers because I worked hard on mine and others did too and it is completed so I am proud of it.
    5. Virtual learning because without it we wouldn’t be able to do our leavers assembly or the meetings.

  14. 1) to make new friends with everyone and not to shy!!
    2) COVID defo it’s been hard this past 2 yrs but we are here now and that’s all that matters!
    3) everything in general!!!!!
    4) getting the hoodies and some amazing teacher that had planned some amazing stuff from the past 8 yrs in Kingsland Primary School!!!!!
    5)to have a really good year and a amazing teacher!!,

  15. 1. Dalguise at home week because of all the different and interesting things that we did and the teachers worked so hard to arrange for us.
    2.Getting back into a school routine.
    3. Definitely over lockdown because I felt trapped inside my head and had no way to vent.
    4. All of the work that I did over lockdown.
    5. My friends.

  16. 1. I have had lots of highlights in p7 but I would say that dalguise week was one of my favourites.
    2. Probably Mrs Wilson leaving because she has been my head teacher through all my years at kings land.
    3. The COVID rules.
    4. I’m most proud of everything I have done and for trying my best to be a good p7.
    5. My friends teacher and all my year.

  17. 1. I used to be shy and not very talkative but now I’m more social
    2.maths was quite challenging but it was fun learning new strategy’s to help figure questions out
    3.I think I have overcome division because I found division hard but now I know how to do it art on my iPad because I want to be an animator and I’ll have to restart on my new iPad but I cant wait to make new art have a nice teacher!!!!

  18. Probably dalgise at home week or the murder mystery.
    Definitely the COVID 19 rules they have been really hard on everybody.
    All the literacy and maths.
    The virtual leavers assembly.
    An actual visit to the high school because other schools did not get that and also the pretend 2 day visit.

  19. 1. Dalgiuise at home because it was fun doing teamwork activities and going on a hike.
    2. The COVID -19 rules were hard by not being able to mix with the other class.
    3. Feeling very isolated when doing home school.
    4. Working well though he school year.
    5. Being able to play on the field

  20. I think that the highlight of the year has been the Dalguise at Home week.

    The COVID rules and not seeing my friends

    The sadness of COVID-19 and getting back on my feet again

    I am proud of my good work

    For COVID ending

  21. Hazel

    1. The highlights of my P7 is making loads of new friends and the pretend 2 day visit lunches on the balcony and so much more.
    2. My biggest challenge has been joining without knowing anyone and having to do loads online.
    3. I feel like I’ve overcome being scared of going to high school.
    4. I’m most proud of the friends that I’ve made and how hard I’ve tried in my work this year.
    5. I’ve been most thankful for everyone that’s stuck with me and getting to do loads of fun things in class and outside.

  22. high school at kingsland school
    walking up the hill
    high school
    drawing the picture of Mrs brown as dellamorta
    Mrs brown putting on the soundtrack of the seventh dwarth

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