RHET Vegetable Soup

Thank you RHET for teaching Primary 5 how to make vegetable soup.  We all enjoyed washing, chopping, and grating the vegetables.  It was also very interesting finding out about where different vegetables came from and about the time of year they were available.  We all agreed that the soup was delicious.

Homemade soup with RHET

We had a lovely morning making vegetable soup with RHET. We learned how to chop and prepare vegetables in a way that was safe and kept all the nutrients in. It was the perfect thing to make and eat on a cold January morning.

Omelettes in a Bag

Primary 5 had a great time making an omelette in a bag using this recipe.



‘It was like an ice bag when I was mixing it,’ said Aimee.

‘The cheese omelette was pretty tasty,’ said Alfie C.

‘I liked all the cheese melted in the middle of the omelette,’ said Rana.

‘The omelette was fun to make,’ said Jessica.

‘The eggs were so cold that they felt like ice cubes,’ said Lewis.

‘I thought it was delicious and I am going to make it when I get home,’ said Daniel.

‘It felt like cabbage in my mouth’ – Elise

‘It was really fast to make’ – Angus

‘I liked squidging the bag’ – Adam

‘It was really yummy’ – Erin

Thank you Mrs Forsyth

Both classes had an interesting talk from Mrs Forsyth this morning learning about how meat arrives in the shop.

The children have been challenged to help make a meal from scratch at home and provide photographic evidence.  Closing date Monday 28th January 2019.

The children have a chance to win a lovely apron to keep them clean while cooking in future.