Goodbye Mr Wilson

Today we said a fond farewell to Mr. Wilson. We all had a fantastic surprise when John Robertson a Hearts and Scotland football player joined us.

P4 sang a fantastic song to the Hearts football song tune. P3 gave Mr. Wilson a special retirement card from the whole school.

Science Workshops

We had a fantastic time at the Eastgate theatre. We took part in Cool Chemistry and Light it up workshops.

Ask us about the invisible skin on liquids, surface tension and what kept the water in the bucket as she swung it around?

Ask us how to send a message for help in Morse Code? …—…

Our mould experiment

We have been learning about the treatment of illnesses in Health. Sir Alexander Fleming discovered mould that could help people fight germs. He called it penicillin. What did he call it at first?

We have tried our own experiment. We put bread, cheese, pear and (thanks to Callum) a cheese puff into sealed bags with some sprinkles of water. Our photos show the changes after just one day. What do you notice has changed?

Edward Jenner did the first ever inoculation. He took pus from a cow pox sore and put it into a cut in a boy. The boy never got small pox. Small pox was a disease that killed people but it doesn’t any more.


Mental addition – stop at the 10 station

In the playground some children stood on coloured spots – 10, 20, 30, 60, 100, 120 etc We found that it was easy to add 6 or 8 or 9 to these tens numbers because they end in zero.

We know our place value – 37 = 30 and 7

Look closely at our chalk sums and you will see that we split the number we were adding on so that we could get to the ten then it’s easy to add what is left e.g.

27 + 7  (split 7 into 3 + 4)  27 + 3 = 30 + 4 = 34

News reports Roald Dahl Day

Read our newspaper reports. Have we said who? what? when? why?

Have we written in the past tense?

Have we rounded it off – maybe brought it up to date – what is happening now?

Have we used alliteration (B  B  B   or D  D  D ) in our headlines which sum up the events of the article?

Wow! We are becoming ace reporters.

Gruesome Growing Grandmas

We have been making concertina versions of our favourite grizzly old grunion!  These will help us later in the week when we look at  comparing objects using words such as taller, longer, shorter, about the size of and begin to measure length.


If you can’t see yours here, try and get it finished this week and we’ll add it to the gallery.

George’s Marvellous Medicine

We have been adding to our timeline for George’s Marvellous Medicine to help us to think about the story and the characters and to help us ask and answer questions about the book.  Grandma Gets the Medicine seems to be our favourite chapter so far!



Grandma, The Marvellous Plan and George Begins to take the Medicine
Grandma, The Marvellous Plan and George Begins to take the Medicine
Animal Pills, the Cook-up and Brown Paint
Animal Pills, the Cook-up and Brown Paint
Grandma gets the Medicine and The Brown Hen
Grandma gets the Medicine and The Brown Hen
Grandma gets the Medicine and The Brown Hen
Grandma gets the Medicine and The Brown Hen

We can weigh in kilograms, 1/2 kilograms and grams

P3 weighed a kilogram of Jenga bricks which was 64 Jenga bricks. We halved the bricks to make two half kilograms.

How many Jenga bricks are in 1/2 a kilogram?


P4 weighed items in grams and put them in order of weight. They weighed 100g of plastic weights e.g. 10 x 10g weights and checked this with a metal 100g weight and they weighed a 100g of corks. I tried to trick them with the question “Which weighs more 1 kg of corks or 1kg of bricks? But Joseph and Jay quickly spotted my test! But it did make us think about the volume of 1kg of corks/feathers compared to 1kg of bricks.

We are learning how to write newspaper reports

Features of a newspaper:

headline – BOLD, grabs your attention, alliteration (P4) e.g. Amazing Assembly, Fantastic Friendship

We need to say – what? where? when? who?

writing in columns

photograph – with a caption (P4)

We wrote newspaper reports about the strange events in Hey Diddle Diddle

Mrs Thomson was impressed by Rana, Kayla, Emily, Tara, Alfie, Andrew, Benny, Dawa and Holly who wrote captions for their photos.