We can weigh in kilograms, 1/2 kilograms and grams

P3 weighed a kilogram of Jenga bricks which was 64 Jenga bricks. We halved the bricks to make two half kilograms.

How many Jenga bricks are in 1/2 a kilogram?


P4 weighed items in grams and put them in order of weight. They weighed 100g of plastic weights e.g. 10 x 10g weights and checked this with a metal 100g weight and they weighed a 100g of corks. I tried to trick them with the question “Which weighs more 1 kg of corks or 1kg of bricks? But Joseph and Jay quickly spotted my test! But it did make us think about the volume of 1kg of corks/feathers compared to 1kg of bricks.

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