First Week in Primary 6

I enjoyed worked out the coded number square as it was fun trying to work out the order of the pieces, Daniel.

I liked using my imagination making my picture frame, Jessica.

I enjoyed putting the dice in order to make a higher number than Frazer.

I enjoyed when we had to make the lowest number using the dice, Thomas.

I liked making the flowers and butterflies for our Garden display for the Horticultural Show at the DrillĀ  Hall tomorrow. Tara

12 thoughts on “First Week in Primary 6”

  1. I liked making my flower art, using the water paint and I also liked doing all the art for the mini beast garden for the Horticultural show.

  2. I really liked making the mini beast garden for art for the Horticultural Show and doing the maths with the dice it was fun!!!!!!

  3. I liked finding out that the new topic was save the world we are looking into what we are doing to the planet.

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