Week ending 27/3/20

Mrs Harrison, Mrs Scott and Mrs Smith

Hello P6, we have made it through week one and are still smiling.  Thank you for posting all your home learning tasks and Block 3 Homework Activities on our ‘share your learning’ page .  We have been blown away by how hard you have all worked and how creative you are all being.

We look forward to reading all your future posts and learning about what things you do with your family.  Remember you can email us, post a comment on our P6 Blog, take part in the Kingsland Challenge and post your work to the ‘sharing your learning’ page

We are looking forward to the weekend.  Can any of you recommend any good films to watch?

7 thoughts on “Week ending 27/3/20”

  1. I agree with Reuben. I’ve watched Onward as well and its about a boy and his brother and they lost there dad when one of them weren’t even born, and on the boy’s 15/16 B’day (I can’t remember if it’s his 15 or 16 B’day) his dad saved them a birthday present for when they where both 15/16 so the boy opened the present and there was a staff and a gem from when his dad was a wizard ( I’m pretty sure he was anyway) and the older brother tried to use the staff to bring his dad back but it didn’t work so his little brother tried and it did work but it only brought back his dads legs because the gem broke (and the spell only lasted for 24 hours) so they went on a mission to get the rest of his body back so the younger brother could see him for the first time.

  2. This sounds good Thomas and Reuben – I will try and find where I can view this for the weekend. Thanks

  3. I think harry potter and the prisoner of Azakaban is an amazing film because the graphics are really good and if the graphics are good it makes the film more enjoyable. the Storyline is AMAZING! so you will not get bored watching it.
    I rate it 4 stars 🙂

    1. Hi Oliver, it’s good to hear from you. I like the Harry Potter films too. Try and add your film critic review to the P6 Teams. Thanks

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