P7B Review of the Week 30.10.20

Some of the highlights of this week –

  • Shoesday
  • Walk to School Week
  • Remembrance Day information reports and art
  • Halloween art and quiz
  • Kindness Tree
  • Coordinate maths
  • Direction maths
  • The Graveyard Book
  • Secret kindness pen pals
  1. What did you enjoy most this week?
  2. What was completely new learning to you this week?
  3. If you could go back to the start of the week, what would you tell yourself to make it better?


22 thoughts on “P7B Review of the Week 30.10.20”

  1. 1.What did you enjoy most this week?: making the pumpkins in art😘.
    2.What was completely new learning to you this week?:Secret kindness letters 😁.
    3.If you could go back to the start of the week, what would you tell yourself to make it better?: Don’t punch the desk when u don’t know how to draw a poppy.

  2. I enjoyed Kahoot the most because I beet 4th and 5th and managed to win.
    The Poppy’s.
    Colour the pumpkins differently.

  3. 1.Shoes day because I wore heelys for it!
    2.The Poppy’s on the poem and the report on Remembrance Day!!!!
    3.Nothing other than do better for everything!!!

  4. 1,Getting a sweet from Mrs brown for telling her a joke
    2.The Heath and wellbeing eat well plate
    3.To work hard and tell a better joke on Friday

  5. 1) I most enjoyed drawing the pumpkins this week.
    2) learning to draw poppies.
    3) I would tell myself to work on drawing pumpkins for Friday!

  6. I enjoyed the graveyard book
    The kindness tree
    That we where allowed to go up to the playground divider and chat to my friends at brake

  7. This week I injoyd today because we don’t get Halloween this year so we done it in school.

    The Kindness pen pal thing .

    To not chat as much.

  8. 1. Writing my report on cats.
    2. Activities with Mrs Anderson to help with my feelings.
    3. Keep smiling and have a good week.

  9. Reading the graveyard book because it was very interesting.
    The blankety blank because I have never done that before.
    Keep trying and it will pay of.

  10. 1.Doing the art where we painted poppies onto a poem for Remembrance Day.
    2.That the heaviest pumpkin in the world is 60 stone
    3.Not to get 6/20 on out Halloween Kahoot quiz.

  11. 1. I enjoyed doing the Halloween art.
    2. There wasn’t anything that was new for me this week.
    3. To listen more to what we were doing on the maths.

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