Multiplying very large numbers using Napier’s Bones


Jay has been finding out about Napier’s Bones. John Napier was a famous Scottish Mathematician and he made strips out of bone, which he wrote numbers on, to use to work out multiplication. Jay made a set of his own out of card and can use them to quickly do multiplying sums like 236 345 x 4.

Look at the photos to see what sum he did.

It’s fascinating!

Jay spotted the pattern he used to write the numbers on each “bone.” Can you see the order John Napier used?




Multiplying Maths

Look carefully at the photos. One is a good mistake to learn from; count carefully!

P3 have been learning the 4x table and P4 have been learning the 8 times table. We have spotted that many of the answers in the 8 times table are also in the 2 times table and the four times table. We have been making arrays with these times tables.

What helps you to learn your times tables?