Block 1 Homework

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Choose one starter, one main course and one dessert from the selection below. If you want to try a different dish, ask your waitress (Mrs Harrison/ Mrs Smith, Mrs Scott).

Homework is due 8th October and will be shared with the class that week too.



Using the skills we have learned from connectors choose an interesting image and create a list of questions based on this.

Create a piece of text about a character or a setting so that someone can visualise your ideas and draw what they are thinking about.

Create a poster that shows different examples of onomatopoeia – make it bright and colourful.



Create your own flag based on your knowledge of shape. Label the flag using all of our shape vocabulary (See GLOW blog for language ideas).

Photograph/draw/ print a picture of an interesting place. Label it with the different shapes/ lines, etc that you can see within in it.

Create a game using larger numbers to help other people in class practise these.

What big numbers can you find in the world? Create a poster to show this or a Powerpoint that you could share with the rest of the class.




Create a rap/song to help us learn our French numbers.

Up-cycle an old item to create something new and bring in a photo or the item to show us.

Create a poster for recycling to display around the school.




Roald Dahl Celebrations in P6B

Happy Birthday Roald Dahl!!

P6B have had a great day celebrating.  We read ‘Along the Corridor’  from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Then we watched the section in the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Then we discussed our favourite Roald Dahl characters and created collage characters.

Throughout the morning we made lickable wallpaper from chocolate and sprinkles.

This was probably the most fun day ever. I loved making the lickable wallpaper.  Charlie, Thomas

I really enjoyed making the Roald Dahl character. Frazer and I made Augustus Gloop.  I also enjoyed making the lickable wallpaper.   Oliver R

Frazer would like to have the lickable wallpaper on his wall at home.

Rana would like to be able to break pieces off wallpaper at home and have a little taste.  She also enjoyed licking the spoon today.

Everyone is really excited to taste their wallpaper.  It looks so good.

Happy Birthday Roald Dahl.

Bethany and Summer are creating Lucy the girl from The Magic Finger.


Websites to help you with your learning

There are lots of great websites to help you with your learning. Why don’t you try some of them.

Sing along!!

Lots of different games to help develop your Numeracy skills. Click on the Numeracy subject that you want to work on eg addition and subtraction.

Top marks

Get quicker at your tables

Challenge yourself mentally each day

Daily mental challenge

Play lots of games and learn at the same time.


Lots of opportunity to improve your spelling. Make sure that you can spell all of the common words correctly as these will help you when you are writing.


Try this to help you become quicker when typing on the computer.

Touch typing






P6 Numeracy

Try this times table game – Sam and Holly also like this game

Place Value Song

Keiren and Andrew suggested this as it can help with multiplication game:

Rana suggested this game as it has a time limit and you need to think quickly:

Daniel, Rachael and Oliver J suggests this game to help with place value and you can win dollars!

George suggests that this game is fun and helps with times tables:

Alfie and Callum think that this is a good game to help with division:

Rayyan suggests this game to help with ordering and sequencing of number:

Oliver J thinks this is a good game for working on place value:

Charlie likes this link as it has different maths games linked to multiplication:

Tara has found this 3D shape game:

Aimee (and Mrs Scott) like this game to practise number bonds, you also need to be quick:

Try some of the suggested games and leave a comment as to what you think about it.