Mental agility – addition

We are looking at mental addition this week and we are trying to get quicker at recalling our number bonds to 10/20.  This is a great website where we can reduce the amount of time we are given to answer questions.  How quickly can you get ten out of ten?

12 thoughts on “Mental agility – addition”

  1. I got to level 2 then it got hard.
    I did bonds to 10 and 20 in 3 seconds.
    I liked bonds to 100 in tens.
    It was tricky adding two digit numbers to 25 in my head.

  2. Had a go at the flash adding 2 numbers with 3 digits. Wrote them down as chimney sums instead of doing them in my head.

  3. Hi Mrs.Stevenson,
    My mum tried Level 6 adding and she got really stressed out because she couldn’t do it! I did number bonds to 10 and got them all right (I did that last week too but didn’t know that I was to write that here).
    From PJ

    1. Well done PJ (and mum). I will need to have a look at level 6 and see how hard it is! See if you can do number bonds to 20 now.

  4. Dear Mrs Stevenson. I almost got all of them right. I tried all of the modes and I got some of them wrong but I hope I can increase my score by practicing every day. But I will leave a comment about my progress. Bye bye John

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