P3B calendars

We used our printing skills to print these calendars showing the 4 seasons. They took a long time but they are worth it. They look amazing. Mrs. Thomson was impressed with our sensible behaviour while we worked on these.

Amazing magnet games

Junior – We had fun playing with the magnet games in P3A and P3B.

Sam E – When we made the magnet games it was very amazing because it was fun to build our own games.

Chloe S – Everyone was having fun playing the games. Everyone liked the games.

Ailish – We had fun making the games. We co-operated really well.

Lloyd – When we made our magnet games it was very exciting to make the magnet game with my group.

Frankie – The magnet games were very fun to play. And we used our knowledge about magnets to make them.

Maisie – We got to go into each other’s P3 class to play the magnet games.

Christmas with the Aliens

Wow! We amazed Mrs. Thomson and Mrs. Dundas with our incredible acting and singing. We were loud and clear and expressive. Wow! Wow! Wow!


Millie – When we were doing the Nativity it was fun and all the adults liked it. And everybody was clear and they knew their cues.

Maisie – We had fun and it was exciting.

Frankie – The costumes were amazing.

Isaac – I liked when I pressed the big button on the spaceship and I fixed it.

Lewis – I liked it when all the Mums and Dads came to watch us.

Elsie – It was amazing doing the Nativity.

P3B Tasty Tuna Wraps

We had great fun making healthy tuna wraps. First we squeezed mayonnaise all over the wrap. Then we put some tuna and mixed beans on the top. Finally we grated carrot over the top.

Scarlett: I liked the tuna.

Millie: I liked tasting some new things.

Zack: I enjoyed my wrap with only carrot and tuna.

Lloyd: I liked trying something that I had never tried before – the mixed up beans.

Sam F: They were SO nice!

Junior: I ate them as fast as I could because they were so tasty.

Isaac: It was really good trying out new things.

Chloe S: I loved the carrot and beans. And I had never tried them before.

Ailish: I had never tried those beans before. They were yummy!

We have also been creating our own Eat Well Plates with the 5 food groups that we need to eat to keep healthy. What are the 5 food groups? Which ones have the biggest part of the plate? What does that mean?

P3A had special visitors today!

We earned a reward by collecting a whole bowl full of marbles.

We earn marbles for getting whole class compliments for walking through the corridors quietly, following instructions, and following the school rules.

We decided to have our teddies come to school for a day. They went to music with us, reviewed number bonds in maths, and even watched us play outside during break and lunch.

Mrs Dundas was surprised with how well behaved all the teddies were in class. Everyone had a lovely day.