Bird pictograms

We went bird spotting around the school and then we recorded our findings on a tally sheet. We are very good at making tally marks now and found it was a quick way to record.

We then took one of the tally sheets and turned it into a class graph called a pictogram. We enjoyed drawing the birds  then sticking them onto the huge graph.  It has been fun comparing the different findings between the classes. Our teachers keep asking us lots and lots of questions and we have to look at the information on the pictogram to work out our answers.


It has been so enjoyable that some of us have been very surprised that we have actually been doing Maths !


Thirsty birds.

Mrs MacLean heard that P1 have been keen bird spotters and she gave us a bird drinking station kit to make.  We recycled an old plastic bottle and attached it to the kit. Once it had been filled with water we turned it upside down and a lot of water poured into the cup area. It was fun to watch.


We then found a tree in our playground to hang it from.



A big thank you, Mrs Maclean. We really enjoyed making the bird drinking station. It’s thirsty work being a bird !


                                                                                P1 and all their teachers
I am so delighted that the water feeder is being put to good use. It is good to know that just like you boys and girls need water to be healthy and happy, especially on sunny days, the birds do too!
Happy bird spotting
                                                       From: Mrs MacLean












Nest Building


We talked about the different materials the birds might use to build their nests.We collected these materials from around our playground. image



We thought about the shape and size of our nests and then we worked together to build them. image imageimage


Then it was time to test them out!

Bird enthusiasts

We have been so enthusiastic  about our new topic that we have brought in things from home to share with the other boys and girls.


This little nest blew away in the wind when the chicks had flown away and the nest was no longer needed. It is made of mud, twigs and moss.


This pack is amazing for looking very closely at birds and learning  their names. We have been trying to spot some of them in the school grounds.

Michael’s big surprise.

Michael received a surprise parcel through the post from his friend Ernest. Ernest is still exploring Antarctica and he heard that Michael was going to be learning all about birds at school so, he sent him a book about birds and a pair of binoculars.

Michael was thrilled with his book and binoculars but, he was a bit upset that he couldn’t read the book. However, he knows that the teachers will help him to read the book as he learns about birds and the boys and girls helped him to understand how you use binoculars. This made him very happy. He was scared when he looked through the binoculars at first because everybody looked like giants but, then one of the boys explained that binoculars make small  things in the distance appear much bigger.

This was such an exciting introduction to our, “Birds” topic and we are really enthusiastic to learn more.