P6A Christmas Week!

What a brilliant Christmas Week we have had in Primary 6A.

Throughout December we have opened our Class Advent Calendar, told jokes, identified flags of many countries and found out some of their Christmas traditions.

We were given Christmas fun glasses to wear all week and take home on Friday.

On Monday we used compasses to create snowmen, Christmas puddings, wreaths and Santa faces.  We created Christmas stockings by sewing felt together.  We started our robin calendars – a present for home and our Christmas cards.

On Tuesday we made tricky snowmen snowflakes and our festive ‘movie’ place mats.  We had a wonderful movie afternoon watching Mr Bean at Christmas and Polar Express.  Thank you to the Social and Leisure Committee for providing us with yummy snacks.

On Wednesday we made Chocolate Truffles to take home.  This was great fun.  We also made Santa Boxes from one piece of A4 red card.  The measuring was tricky and you had to be accurate.

On Thursday we watched the brilliant Kingsland Christmas Story.  We finished our calendars and cards.  In the afternoon we watched an excellent pantomime of Jack and the Beanstalk.  Thank you Social and Leisure Committee for providing us with popcorn and juice.

On Friday we watched our Christmas Service and the Christmas Nativity Story.  We tidied up the classroom ready for next year!  Mrs Ward also delivered extra cups of popcorn at brunch.

Throughout the week, we have really enjoyed our Kahoot Quizzes created by ourselves and/or ready made ones.  This has been exciting and great competitive fun.  We have also enjoyed the Inspire Learning Sketches School activities.

Primary 6A would like to wish everyone A …..

Stay safe, take care.   See you all in 2021 for Block 3!

Review of the Week

Our alternative book review.

We have finally finished our novel The Explorer and have been working hard to create an interesting book review. We summarised the story, created alternative endings and described our favourite characters and lots more.
Who can name the 3D shape with our review?

P6A Review of the Week 11/12/20

We have worked hard at decorating our door for Christmas.

We have been learning about Onomatopoeia.  This is when a word sounds like the thing that it describes.  These words are used for literary effect.

We have enjoyed opening our advent calendars this week;  playing games, learning about what other countries do at Christmas, hearing jokes and thinking about being kind.

We have written our assessed piece of writing on The Digestive System.

We have thoroughly enjoyed finding out about Online Safety through ThinkUKnow videos and games.

We started our Reading Connectors Groupwork when we each get a turn at being a leader and have to summarise what we have read.

We performed a Scottish group dance in PE using lots of movements from different Scottish dances.

In  Health and Wellbeing we have created posters to advertise ourselves as A Good Friend.

Flo has enjoyed playing Solitaire which was a game on the Advent Calendar and the ThinkUKnow work.

Mea really enjoyed the onomatopoeia work creating our class display.

Maisie had fun decorating the door.

Lucy enjoyed using zentangle patterns for her Christmas Bauble.

Kirsty enjoyed the Connectors work reading the book Schemes, Scams and Hoaxes.