P3B Superb Science

Mrs. Thomson was very proud of our good behaviour on our visit to the Science Workshops on Wednesday.
What did you learn?

Drew, Millie, Kirsty, Charlie R, Zack  – We learned that SOS means help.

Elsie & Scarlett – We learned about DNA.

Ailish –  We learned how to get DNA out of a strawberry.

Maisie – I know how to blow up a balloon with no air.

Niamh & Chloe G – We found out that we could make a rocket.

SOS = short short short long long long short short short

Megan & Frankie – We mixed vinegar and baking soda together in a bottle and it blew up the balloon.

Chloe S & Eliana – We made drones. We learned about SOS. Someone showed us elephant toothpaste.

Sam E & Lucas – We liked it all. We liked the tub that popped up.

Lewis & Charlie H – We got a bottle with vinegar and bicarbonate of  soda. We put a balloon on it and turned it over and the balloon pumped up with air. We made DNA code bands.

P3B How we have improved our drawing of faces

Wow! Look at our amazing art. We looked at the work of artist Paul Klee and discovered that P3B had used his castle painting last year to inspire their art. We looked at faces drawn by children in the style of Paul Klee and we looked at last week’s faces drawn with pencil and thought about what we wanted to improve.

We talked about the position of the eyes and lips from last week’s lesson and thought how pen would be a different media from pencil for our line drawing.

We are all very proud of our art. here are some ways that we feel we have improved in drawing faces:

Junior – I got the lips just right and the hair a little smoother.

Lewis – I drew a bigger head with a good shape and a big smiley mouth.

PJ – I improved the hair with good shapes.

Holly – The eyes are fantastic. I gave them eyebrows, eye lashes and eye lids. Lots of detail.

Elsie and Millie – The eyes are in the right place with an eye sized space between them.

Charlie H – The mouth is better because it’s more straight.

Charlie R – The eyebrows are better.

Maisie – I got the rugby ball shape for the eyes right.

Sam F – The eyes are better especially in the middle.




measuring homework for all P3s

This week the P3 teachers have asked everyone to look at home for equipment that is used to measure length, volume and weight. Think about what we have used in class to measure length. Do you have any of those at home? What do you use them for?

What can you find in your home? A good room to start in would be the kitchen.

You can list the things you find or you can draw them.

Happy hunting!

P3A’s week

This week P3A decided to make a list of what they worked on in class. We think it’s a long list!

Faces for our character descriptions

Star numbers in maths

Favourite colour in French

Topmarks game on the computers

Christmas cards- eek!

Measured in centimetres

Textbook maths

Mild, hot and spicy maths challenges

Getting on the school blog

Audubon inspired Penguins by P3A

We looked at John Audubon’s wildlife paintings and tried to draw a penguin in his style.  We were inspired by his paintings.

We noticed that Emperor Penguins have a yellow bit on the neck.   They are majestic.  They have black on their faces. They have a curved beak.

Check this space for our finished drawings later in the month!

What we learned this week

I learned how to get on Topmarks on the computer.          Daisy

I learned how to switch the laptops on to use them.         Robyn

On Topmarks you can go on to cubes and number squares.     Damian

I learned more about a story in the Bible.         Ruby

I learned what P3 do at brunch.       Annabelle

We all learned how to exit the building quickly when the fire alarm goes off.               Emily and Kate