Food Webs

Following on from our work on Food Chains, we have been learning about Food Webs and how living organisms can be linked.  Here are some of our finished posters.  We have shown that we understand the terms Producer, Primary Consumer, Secondary Consumer and Energy Flow.

P5A Sustainability Squad Applicants

And the winner is…

Would you like to be a member of the Sustainability Squad?  Mrs Brown is looking for people who are enthusiastic, confident, respectful and reliable.  If this is you and you also have an interest in the environment why not apply?

Your task:

Recycle/Upcycle an item you would be throwing away (a cardboard box/tube, a piece of paper/envelope etc) and write on it a couple of reasons why you would like to be on the Sustainability Squad and/or why you would be good at it.  Hand it to Mrs Little anonymously by Friday 4th October.

Happy Recycling!

Pupil council rep for P5b

P5b had 6 candidates who chose to present to the class for the role of ‘Pupil Council Rep’. The class voted for the candidate they thought would represent our class best, based on their ‘speech’ – looking for qualities like being respectful, being compassion, being courageous, being a good listener and talker, willing to miss break/lunchtime and many more!

We are pleased to announce that our winning candidate is Sally who will be out pupil rep, and Otto was a close second and has agreed to take on the role of Class council secretary.

Congratulations Sally and Otto!

roald dahl day fun

We read an extract from James and the Giant Peach and then made our own peach crumble.  While the crumble was cooking we also designed some new characters to live in the peach with James. It was great fun and we loved trying our crumble at the end of the day!

A “Revolting” morning for Roald Dahl Day

To celebrate Roald Dahl’s birthday P5A had a wonderful morning enjoying some of his Revolting Rhymes.  We looked in detail at Red Riding Hood and the Wolf and decided to create our own illustrated picture book using his text.  We worked in pairs to create each page and are really pleased with the result.

Roald Dahl Day

We read ‘The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me’ by Roald Dahl. We looked at some of the themes and focussed on the theme of dreams. In the book the characters all have their dreams come true, with the character of Billy getting his dream of opening a sweet shop full of fantastical sweets! We were so inspired that decided to design our own amazing sweets! This process by looking at real life context and studying a variety of actual sweets to get some ideas about look, texture, smell, sound and (best of all) taste! We decided to use some our the descriptive language that we’ve been learning about when we’ve been looking at and writing descriptive texts this block to help us describe our sweets. Inspired by this we then created our own marvellous sweety designs, thinking about amazing names and special features they might have. Below are a sample of some of the ideas the class came up with…yum!


50 Word Fiction

Every month the Scottish Book trust runs a ‘Fifty Word Fiction’ competition.  At the end of August P5A had a go and entered some of our compositions.  Unfortunately we didn’t have any winners this time but all the entrants received an email thanking them for their words.  If you would like to have a go at this month’s competition please click on the link below:

50 word fiction

Here are some of the entries we submitted:

The Baking Mystery by Sam Fitzgerald

I was baking a cake and I went to the shops to get some ingredients.  When I came back everything was gone.  It was confusing.  Then the door of the cupboard creaked open and I walked around the table to see what was there and then…everything went black.


The big disaster by Adam Taylor

As I entered the bakery I smelt the cupcakes and bread mixed to make the sweetest smell.  The factory was enormous -trays and trays of freshly baked goods.  The factory began to rumble, the icing fell onto the floor flooding the factory.  I ran out.  The factory exploded.  Kaboom!


The cream disaster by Ben Margiotta


There was cream all over the town.  It was like a flood but of course cream.

“What are we going to do??!!”

The cream got bigger and faster!!!  The police came bursting through.

“We’re saved!” everybody screamed repeatedly.


Cupcake World by Aimee Watson

When I woke up I saw a giant cupcake in my room.  I walked up to it and I got teleported to cupcake world.  I ate twenty one cupcakes and then I felt sick.  My sick somehow turned into rainbows.  I liked that.  Then I ate more cupcakes.


Cupcake Island by Flo Kirkpatrick

One day I was on my sponge boat.  It was rocking a bit more than usual.  The sea was made out of creamy blue icing.  The waves got bigger and suddenly the sponge tipped.  I fell on a sponge island.  I stood up.  What should I do next?


Learning about Classification Keys…with sweets!

P5A have been learning about the use of Classification Keys to sort and identify living and non-living things.  To really check we understood how to use them we had to design one for sorting Dolly Mixtures sweeties…all in the name of Science, of course!

First we had to decide what characteristics the sweets could be sorted by and then we had to create questions which gave a yes/no answer.  Here are some of our finished keys.