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cuisenaire rods

We have been using the Cuisenaire rods to help with our division in maths but we also figured out lots of other things they could help us with.  We showed number bonds to 10 and 20, number stories (ways to show a number eg 4 and be 2+2, 3+1 etc), the 2 times table and lots more.

museum visit

On Wednesday 11th March we visited the National museum in Edinburgh.  We started off visiting the science zone where we had great fun exploring and experimenting.  We then went to see the animals before having a break for lunch. In the afternoon we went to see the Roman artefacts and had a great time hunting for various objects including sandals, swords and some Roman coins.

trimontium visitor

Rob came to talk to us about the Roman fort near Melrose and to show us some of the artefacts that have been found there.  We got to hold a 1800 year old Roman playing piece from a game and also got to try on some replica armour. It was great fun but we decided being a soldier must have been hard work as the armour was very heavy!

lego driverless cars

We had a great time programming our LEGO driverless cars on Monday.  We had to write code to get the cars to drive across the room, turn round and drive back as quickly as possible. We had to really concentrate and we were using lots of maths and science skills.

light – source or reflector

We carried out some experiments to see which things were sources of light and which were reflectors.  We had to build very dark dens to allow us to carry out our tests so no sunlight was involved.  We discovered that a torch is a source of light but a mirror or a shiny material is a reflector.


Primary 4 and 5 had a wonderful visit from Zoolab to finish off their topic on biodiversity.  We met some amazing creatures and found out about their natural habitats and what they liked to eat.

Making peach crumble recount

Well done Drew for a great recount!

Making peach crumble

Our class, on Roald Dahl day, made peach crumble in Jedderfield.

First we washed our hands so we didn’t get germs on the crumble.  Then we cut the lovely, delicious peaches into small chunks.  Next we weighed the ingredients in a big dish and we had to mix it with our hands.  Next we put the peaches in a smaller dish with the crumble.  Then Mrs Stevenson put the crumble in the oven.  Finally we got to have a piece.

It was delicious and I hope we can do it again.

Swimming lesson recount

A recount needs to have a title, an orientation, a sequence of events and a personal comment. Well done Isla for including all of the above in her first recount!

Going Swimming

On Monday morning our class went to Peebles swimming pool for swimming lessons.

First we walked to the pool with our partners.  Then we found a locker and we got changed into our swimsuits and trunks.  Next we waited at the side of the pool so then our teacher could put is in to groups.  After that we had our swimming lesson.  Finally we had a shower and washed our hair then went and got our clothes and got changed.  Then we walked back to school.

It was really fun going swimming.