Weekly Review – 26/3/21 – P6/5

We have had a really busy week this week. We have been working hard on improving our concentration levels and working as a team.

We have expanded our knowledge of maps and explored the Scottish Borders.

We have continued our lessons in time for maths.

We planned and wrote “Guess Who?” simile poems.

Leave a comment below to tell us one thing you learned and one thing you enjoyed. 

Mrs Brown

Lockdown Learning

Primary 6 were working on kg and g last week and used their skills to measure out ingredients.  Here are some photos of their delicious cakes.



We also had fun with art and here are a few examples.

Home Learning

Our new sway for 8th March – 12th March is now on the home learning tab above.

Remember we have a PE and Music Sway  with many activities for you to try too.

Here is a suggested timetable for this week’s work.


We look forward to seeing you at our Keep Connected Sessions.

Mrs Scott, Mrs Simpson and Mrs Brown