Our Learning Week 3

Primary 6 have had a very busy week in school.  We have been thinking about our individual strengths that we can use when we find things tricky and looked at what skill or strength we have practised recently.

This week we have been working with the sequence of numbers to millions and place value.  Sometimes these numbers are very tricky to read but this is a great video to help with reading large numbers.  We learned about different type of lines;  parallel and perpendicular and explored outside to see these types of  lines in our environment.

For reading we have been looking at different types of questions;  Literal, Inferential and Evaluative.  We answered questions and created our own ones.  We will be continuing to work on this.

This block we are working on Descriptive Text and we looked at the text structure to remind us how to layout our work.  We will use some of the characters and setting from our class novel Holes by Louis Sachar to inspire our writing.

In science we looked at different germs and found out different ways to stop the spread of germs.




Weekly Review P6/5

We have been focusing on Skipper and the river of life. We created individual boats for our class river. This term we will be focusing on the skills of looking on the bright side when things get tough. We also created our positive mindset display to help us when we face challenges in school.

This week we have also enjoyed:

  • Creating dream catchers and thinking about our dreams for the future.
  • Designing our boats for the river of life.
  • P.E. We were learning to run effectively.
  • Maths. We learned to partition large numbers and then add and subtract multiples of 10.
  • Creating posters which show different types of germs and how to stop the spread.
  • Maths. We learned about the different types of triangles and created a poster to show this.

We are grateful for ….

Today in Assembly Mrs Wilson asked us to think about what we are grateful for ………………………

Mrs Scott is grateful for her loving, kind and  helpful family as well as her kind, helpful and supportive colleagues.

Lucy is grateful for her home.

Maisie is grateful for her dog called Seb who she loves.

Olly is grateful for his family.

Vinny is grateful for his Xbox.

Mea is grateful for all her friends.

Isla and Evan are grateful for their family.

Aidan is grateful for his cat Flo.

Kirsty is grateful for her home.

Adam is grateful all the wonderful animals.

Ben is grateful for his house/home.

Scarlett is grateful for her dog Angel.

Charlie is grateful for his car.

Jack is grateful for his bed where he can rest and relax.

Annabelle is grateful for all the things she has in her bedroom.

Niamh is grateful for Victor her guinea pig.

Flo is grateful for her guinea pigs Patch and Axel.

Lewis is grateful for education, he missed coming to school during lockdown.

Megan is grateful for her dog.

Ruby is grateful for the beautiful place she lives.

Sam is grateful for all the wonderful food.

Anna is grateful for her cat Tonks.

Gabriel is grateful for being a school.

Aimee is grateful for her house.

Chloe is grateful for her dogs Nellie and Portia.

Ben is grateful for aeroplanes.

Millie is grateful for her wonderful house.

Jamie is grateful for clean air.

Evie is grateful for her dog Maizy.

Alex is grateful for his fabulous life.

Gregor is grateful for his family.

We are all (most of us) grateful to be back at school.


17.8.20 weekly review

Our class novel is Max and the Millions. We have been working on creating different perspectives when we draw. This is a self portrait from the perspective of Luke. (He is one of the millions in our story.)

We have also enjoyed:

-Our first session of P.E. with Mrs Fletcher

-Making leaves to add to our “Tou-can” do it display

-Having fun in our classroom

-Our first music lesson with Mrs Inglis. We learned about rhythm and beat. We also started to learn about the Garage Band App on our i-pads.

-Writing descriptions about characters in our novel.

-We started perspective skyscraper artwork. Lookout for examples next week.

-Watching our first virtual assembly.

-Learning about the properties of 2D shapes and place value in large numbers.

Welcome Back Primary 6

It was fun and we did more creative activities.  Flo

It was good to get back with friends.  Niamh and Olly

It was good to get back into a routine.  Vinny

It was good to see friends and get back to school and feel a bit more normal.  Adam

Anna thought it was good to test out our ipads and check all was working.

We had to learn all the new safety rules.  Ruby

It was good to have a laugh with my friends again.  Annabelle

It was really nice to see all our friends and teachers.  Lucy

First Week Back P5/6

This week we enjoyed:

-Playing maths games on place value

-Making our own personalised bunting

-Reading our class novel, “Max and the millions.”

-Watching news round each day

-Meeting our new teacher

-Drawing Toucans in art using a “how to draw” video

-Painting our rainbows for our classroom entrance. We are trying to be rainbows in other people’s clouds.

-Writing stories in our choosing time

-Learning how to use British sign language

-Playing NOGGLE and BOGGLE

We are looking forward to coming back next week!