Spring Service

We had a whole school visit to the church today and it was a lovely way to end the term. The singing was amazing from the whole school and  the choir.The P5 actors did a superb job of retelling Ian and Malcolm’s story. They really kept us entertained.

Happy Easter from P2/1 and we hope you all have a fun holiday!

Science week

Poppy is ready to hang up her Science lab coat and as you can see she has been working very hard helping the children in P2/1 to learn about Water and the Weather.

It has been so interesting learning about our own topic but the fun part was sharing our learning across the whole school and then finding out what other classes and year groups have been learning about.

We have really had to think hard, reinforce our predicting skills and discuss how to make our tests fair.

Science Afternoon

Thank you to all the parents and visitors who joined us in our classroom to share our learning about Science. We were so excited about setting our classroom up, looking at the slide show of photos from Block 4 and labelling the experiments for your visit.

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.


Whole school sponsored walk

This walk was  a super morning out of class. We enjoyed the fresh air  and  exercise. We walked the three bridges and then had a scavenger hunt with lots of things we had to find in the woods to fill our egg boxes. This challenged the P2’s with their reading skills and we did very well.

What was the most exciting part of the sponsored walk? You guessed it – eating our snacks in the park !!

Well done everyone !


Messy Marbling

It has been exciting experimenting with water and we have been getting messy making these marble Art pictures. We never know what the final picture will look like as it’s all down to Science. We added oil and marbling inks to a tray of water and watched the oil being chased about the tray by the ink! The water does not mix with the oil.

This was us exploring water as a liquid.

Rainy Monday

On Monday we collected water from our playground and then we discussed how we could measure how much water fell. We decided to measure the water using cubes.

We had collected the water in different shapes and sizes of containers so, we discussed how we could make our measuring fair.

We transferred the water collected into the same size of test tubes and then measured using cubes.

How many cubes of rain fell on Monday ? ( 30 cubes of water fell on Monday) .

Most of us thought that the answer would be less than 30 cubes.

We still have to measure the rain that fell on Tuesday and  Wednesday.Will it be more than or less than 30 cubes ?

We counted 33 cubes of rain water fell on Tuesday and a phenomenal 73 cubes of rain water fell in Peebles on Wednesday.


Then on Thursday and Friday there was no rain in our rain gauge – so no cubes of rain fell on those two days.


  • On which day did the most rain water fall ? When did the smallest measure of rain fall ?


Thirsty flowers

What has happened to our flowers in water/ food colouring experiment?

It has taken a very long time and we have had to be very patient but, finally the flowers have drank up some of the water and food colouring and some of the petals have changed colour from white to the same colour as the food colouring we put in the tubs.

Wind fish


Today we hung the wind fish we had made  on the trees outside our classroom so that we can see if it is windy or not. The wind fish also show us which direction the wind is blowing in. The direction the wind is blowing in today is the opposite direction than it was blowing in yesterday.

  • Click on the green link above to see our wind fish blowing in the wind. 

Generation Science

We had a really exciting time with the Generation Science visitors. There were lots of explosions, fizzes, bubbling  and  weird smells ! Our classroom was turned into a science lab for the day and we learned so much about Science from the Generation Science Scientists.