Rainy Monday

On Monday we collected water from our playground and then we discussed how we could measure how much water fell. We decided to measure the water using cubes.

We had collected the water in different shapes and sizes of containers so, we discussed how we could make our measuring fair.

We transferred the water collected into the same size of test tubes and then measured using cubes.

How many cubes of rain fell on Monday ? ( 30 cubes of water fell on Monday) .

Most of us thought that the answer would be less than 30 cubes.

We still have to measure the rain that fell on Tuesday and  Wednesday.Will it be more than or less than 30 cubes ?

We counted 33 cubes of rain water fell on Tuesday and a phenomenal 73 cubes of rain water fell in Peebles on Wednesday.


Then on Thursday and Friday there was no rain in our rain gauge – so no cubes of rain fell on those two days.


  • On which day did the most rain water fall ? When did the smallest measure of rain fall ?


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