Weekly Review 23/4/21 P6a

We have worked hard on our first week back in school after the holidays.

Our persuasion exposition text this week has been on Homework Should be Banned.  We have had lots of great ideas in relation to this.

We are continuing to work on fractions and we are becoming more confident working with mixed numbers, improper fractions, equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions.  This can be tricky at times when we have to order fractions that have different denominators and we have to make them all the same!

We enjoyed our Live N Learn Workshop on Tuesday thinking about Grit:  Give it your all; Re-Do if Necessary;  Ignore ‘Giving Up and Take time to do it right and we have came up with a Resilience Plan.

We have also been thinking about strategies to help us stay safe and thinking about the people we trust in our life to help us with our worries.  We thought about our worries and had fun with bubbles trying to ‘pop’ worries.

In PE we  played rounders and working on some athletics skills eg running, jumping and throwing.

Share what you have enjoyed this week or what you have learned this week.

On the last week of term we had decorated our door to say farewell to Mrs Wilson.



Weekly Review (P6/5) – 23/4/21

We have had a great first week back.

We have been looking at division and measure in maths.

We have been learning about exposition texts and how they are used to persuade people.

We have started to think about sustainability and how we can reduce our impact on the world.

Leave a comment to say one thing you learned this week and one thing you enjoyed.

Mrs Brown