What are we thankful for?

This block we have been learning about diversity, looking at other peoples view and beliefs and learning about our rights. We have been hearing about some child refugees that have had to leave their homes in Syria, and the lack of basic rights that has left them with.

As it was Thanksgiving  today in America we talked about what we are thankful for and created our own Thanksgiving turkeys using our hand prints – our class came up with some really thoughtful and positive things that we are thankful for. Some examples are: our families and friends, safe homes, healthcare, clean water, healthy food, education, our health.

Busy Bees

Printing was the focus in Art for P5A last block and they are very proud of their finished creations. They can’t wait to show off their work to their parents and carers next week. Check out the display at the top of the main stairs and in the classroom.

Une lettre!

P5a were very excited to receive a letter today all the way from Switzerland! We wrote to Mme Brown (neé Nicholson) in French and she wrote back to us. We were so proud of ourselves when we realised we were able to read and understand everything in her letter and are looking forward to writing back!

Together Tuesdays

P4 and 5 are having a great time doing Expressive Arts and Problem Solving with our friends from other classes this term.  Every Tuesday  afternoon we get to do Art, Music, Dance or Team Challenges with either Mrs Rand, Mrs Belleville, Mrs Little or Mrs Stevenson – and the best bit is we get to mix with people we don’t get to see all the time.

Here are a few of us having a blast doing a bit of Zumba!

Rice or Feast – What would you prefer?

Primary 4 and 5 have been learning about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  This week we thought about what happens when peoples’ basic needs are not met.

We took part in an activity called ‘One for you, three for me’ to help us think about fairness in how food is shared throughout the world.  We each designed a plate of rice and a feast plate with all our favourite foods on it.  Next, we had to pick a meal ticket from a box to see whether we would be given the Rice or the Feast.  Only one third of us got to eat our feast plate while the rest only got a few grains of rice.

This activity helped us to see that while one third of the world’s population is well fed or has too much to eat, two thirds of the people in the world are not getting enough to eat.  This activity really made us think about how lucky we are and made us want to try to be more grateful for what we have.

Delightful Data!

P5A had  a great time learning some new skills in the library this afternoon.  We have been learning about Databases and Spreadsheets and have been using Excel to help us do this.  Today we learned how to interrogate a database to answer a series of questions.  We looked at different methods we could use to locate the data we needed but were all really relieved when we learned how easy the filter functions made this task.  We love a short cut and could see how technology helped make this task so much easier.