Week one in Primary 4

I liked designing my own virus and bacteria.  By Isaac

I liked making a maths game outside.  By Eliana

I enjoyed doing handwriting outside with water.  By John

I liked doing football in PE.  By Robyn

I liked drawing George and Grandma in the style of Quentin Blake.  By AJ

I enjoyed watching Newsround because it had lots of interesting things in it.  By Drew

I liked drawing the dragonflies.  By Elsie

It was good fun deciding our table names.  By Sam

I liked writing the alphabet using joined script.  By Frankie

I liked when Mrs Stevenson was trying to remember our names but she sometimes got some wrong.  By Zack

I enjoyed hunting round the class for the letters of our novel – George’s Marvellous Medicine.  By Lochie

I liked making the biggest number I could out of four digits.  By Charlie

Flower show display

P4b worked hard to produce these beautiful dragonflies to put up at the Peebles horticultural show last weekend.  Lots of people were admiring them and saying how lovely and colourful they were.  Well done everyone who entered the children’s section and won prizes!

4 things about me…


Primary 4a had the task of choosing 4 things that they wanted to share with the class. They could bring anything, however they had to fit in a paper bag (and not be valuable)!

We had an amazing circle time sharing our bags, and it was a really fun and interesting way to get to know each other. Here are what P4a chose to share…

Can you work out who each bag belongs to from what they chose to share?!

Welcome to Primary 4!

Today we discussed what we are doing in our topic this block:

I know the symptoms of some common diseases caused by germs.  I can explain how they are spread and discuss how some methods of preventing and treating disease benefit society

Key words: germs, diseases, medicines, drugs

What do we know already?

Germs spread, make you sick

Medicines make you better, they’re disgusting

Washing your hands gets rid of germs

Diseases can make you ill and kill you

Diseases can be stopped with vaccinations

Germs come from other people

Medicines stop some, but not all, diseases

Germs give you cancer

Running out of penicillin as people who don’t need it are using it

Germs have little things to make them move

Headlice and dandruff make  nits go away

Germs are when you feel sick

Diseases are caused by germs

What would we like to do to learn about this?

Get Sam F’s dad into school – he is a microbiologist

Jamie’s mum come in – paramedic

Doctors come to visit

Some experiments

Class trip to BGH/Haylodge/science lab

Make our own science lab


Make pretend medicine/potions and see how it works

Find out about people researching new medicines (e.g. flowers in the rainforest)

Research germs, diseases and medicines – books, internet, ask people

Can we get a machine to see germs?

Visit Boots to look at medicine

Look at what medicines we have at home