Mrs. Sinclair Physiotherapist visited P3

P3A and P3B would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Megan’s Mum, Mrs. Sinclair for coming to tell us lots about our muscles and her job as a physiotherapist.

After listening and taking part in the activities she gave you:

Do you think being a physiotherapist is an interesting job? Why?

What parts of the body did you learn more about?

If you want to download the free app (Mrs. Sinclair’s friend she brought on her Ipad) it’s called Essential Anatomy 5



P3B Problem solving

P3B have been solving problems in Maths. Mrs. Thomson asked us; Are we curious mathematicians? Do we want to get better at asking mathematical questions? We said YES!

Our problem was from the EnRich Maths website: Eggs in a Basket.

There are 3 baskets, a brown one, a red one and a pink one.

There is a total of 10 eggs.

We had clues:

The brown basket holds 1 more egg than the red basket.

The red basket has 3 fewer eggs than the pink basket.

The challenge was to find out how many eggs were in each basket.

What’s your answer?

We found out that some people got confused with fewer eggs in the red basket. When there are 3 fewer in the red basket you need to add 3 to the pink basket.

It was fun! Sam E

It was epic! Lloyd

It was problem solving fun. Charlie H

Drawing pictures helped me. Eliana

Cubes helped me and my partner. Niamh.

We found when we do it in order e.g 1 then 2 then 3 in the brown basket it helped us to get the answer.


P3A enjoy Flat Stanley activities

For World Book day we completed activities based on the Flat Stanley books.

We made 3D Stanleys. They were flattened to make Flat Stanleys. We drew around them on square paper to find out their areas.  Some of us had flatter Stanleys than others.

We used the lovely new library to partner read with P5B. P5B brought some of their favourite books to share with us.

We wrote new Flat Stanley stories, made lists of the pros and cons of being flat and also created visitor’s guides to places Stanley has visited.

Everyone enjoyed themselves on this special day.