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Primary 7B Highlights

Although it has been a shorter week at school, we have packed a lot into our days!

We have been continuing with our response writing, with a focus on writing a response to the styles of clothes in the 1980s. The class have enjoyed exploring some of the key trends of the 80s including power suits, bold t-shirts with slogans and the unusual style of the New Romantics! We will be completing our writing next week.


In maths we have been revising place value and decimals. For practical maths, we have learning about the different ways we can define a triangle. Next week we will move onto learning about the different features of a circle and will learn how to draw one accurately with a compass.

We continued our 1980s learning by making dress up dolls and interchangeable outfits. We look forward to sharing this with the other P6 and 7 classes as we go ‘Through the Decades’!

A big well done to the children who represented the school in the Sportshall Athletics competition in Galashiels. They came a very impressive third place and showed good sportsmanship and encouraged each other. Thank you to Mrs Edge for her hard work in organising this trip and for preparing the children for the competition.

Other news:

  • We had our first whole school assembly in two years!
  • We gathered with all of the P7s to learn how to access Kooth, an online resource which can be accessed by 11-18 year olds. We learned about all of the website’s key features. The resources can be accessed by clicking here: Home – Kooth

Thank you for all of your hard work this week Primary 7!

First Week Back – P7B

It has been lovely to welcome everyone back after the Easter break. This is our final term of P7…and at Kingsland!  We will be spending a lot of time this term preparing for the transition up to High School. Please do get in touch if you have any further questions or anything you would like to discuss. The link below will take you directly to the PHS website:

This week we have been:

  • Revising the oi and oy sound in spelling through a range ofactivities in class.
  • Continuing with our comprehension work. This week we studied a passage from ‘On the Island’ by Iain Crichton Smith which contained a lot of rich descriptive language to add effect.
  • In reading, we have also started exploring the concepts of Theme and Genre. We enjoyed reading the book ‘Gorilla’ by Anthony Browne and working in our table groups to determine the themes of the book and to find evidence to support our choices.

  • We have started looking at Response Writing this term as our writing focus. We discussed The Starry Nigh by Van Gogh and wrote a piece of writing together as our response to the painting.
  • In maths, we have been practising multiplication and division in different contexts. All of the work we have put in throughout the year on number bonds and multiplication facts has helped to improve our speed and accuracy.
  • We have continued to learn about volume, converting ml to l and vice versa.
  • Everyone has been excited to start our ‘Through the Decades’ topic and we have been allocated the 1980S! We have started by learning about some of the key events and worked in groups to help to create a chronological timeline . Some of the events we have researched include Chernobyl, the Hillsborough attack and the Falklands War. We have also looked at some of the technology that was invented and became more readily available in the 1980s.
  • In PE, we have enjoyed some brilliant athletics sessions with Mrs Edge outside.

Reflection Questions: 

1. Which challenges are you most looking forward to this term?

2. What tools from your toolkit can you use when you find something difficult? Think of an example of when you have used this strategy?

3. Write about something you have done this week to make Kingsland a better place.

Easter Fun in P7B🐣

For our writing this week we have had the chance to create an Easter story on Book Creator. We had to consider our main character, setting and plot, as well as what the front cover and blurb on the back. The books were colourful and engaging!

Then we used SketchesSchools to add illustrations to our books. We were able to use a variety of tools to create effective pictures and designs.

On Thursday afternoon, we joined P1B and read our stories to a small number of children. We were then in charge of making a pop-up egg craft with the younger ones. Well done to everyone who was kind, helpful and patient in their groups.

On Friday we were tasked with designing a new and unique Easter Egg with exciting packaging. Here are some examples of what we came up with:

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter holiday. See you all on Monday 18th April 🐣❤️❤️

Grow Your Own Potatoes

Grow Your Own Potatoes is a project which aims to teach children about the process of growing and harvesting potatoes, as well as their health benefits. We have been sent a huge box of potatoes for everyone in the school to have a go!

As it is approaching the school holidays, we thought it would be best to send the potatoes home to allow the children to plant these at home. We will give out the potatoes to the children on Thursday.

We have received the potatoes later than usual so the chitting process does not need to be done. Everyone should start the process at the Planting stage. The instructions can be found below:

We would love to see and hear about how you are getting on with your crop so please do e-mail your teacher photos, videos and successful recipes!

P7B Highlights 25.3.22

Primary 7B have enjoyed the sunshine this week and we have taken every opportunity to be outside!

Everyone has worked very hard to complete end of topic Writing and Maths assessments. We have also had iPad assessments to complete too! All of the children tried their best and sat quietly to allow others to concentrate. Thank you for your efforts and patience!

Here our some of the children’s highlights:

Wellbeing Wednesday 


Each Wednesday we have a short session where we can socialise with our friends, play board and card games, finish off and get help with challenging work concepts, practise skills or check-in with the teacher about particular worries or concerns. All of the children have utilised this time well and we will be engaging in a range of wellbeing activities after the Easter break.

PHS Visit

Primary 7 had a fantastic time on our half day visit to the High School this morning.
Some of the highlights included:

  • Seeing the Craft and Design classes
  • Going into the canteen
  • Meeting children from other schools
  • Getting to meet some of our new teachers and guidance teachers

A big thank you to our parent helpers, the brilliant S3s who showed us around and the teachers who welcomed us into their classrooms.

We are all very excited for our two day visit in mid-June!

P7B Week Commencing 7.3.22

We have been enjoying the milder weather and sunshine in the playground this week. However, please remember to bring in a waterproof jacket as it is has drizzly on occasion! Our playground is also very muddy at the moment so please ensure that your child has indoor shoes as mud is being brought in from outside.

For spelling, we have focused on the ch and tch sound. The class have been  practising their dictionary skills, as well as completing question activities about our spelling words.

We have continued with Explanation texts in our writing and used one of our PM books to help us structure our work. The class helped to design a writing plan which they used to aid their writing on Tsunamis.

In reading, we have been looking at the different types of questions that we may have to answer in comprehension. We revised what each type of question was and we had to create our own literal, inferential and response questions for the class. Although some of these questions were challenging, we were all resilient in giving these a go. We will continue with this comprehension work throughout the year.

In our core maths we finished our percentages work and we have started revising function machines and basic algebra. In practical maths we are looking at 12 and 24 hour time as well as calculating short time intervals.

For our topic work, we have been continuing to learn about Tsunamis and the devastating effects they have on communities and the countries in which they occur. We have been recording our learning on Book Creator on our iPads,  carrying out research to create pages on each natural disaster. We will share our work with another class at the end of term.

In Health and Well-being we have been continuing to learn about the Reproductive System and pregnancy. The class have been very respectful and have been asking some really interesting questions. All of the resources that we use in class can be found on the following website:

We were also treated to our final Fairtrade treats on Monday. Adam very kindly spent some of his weekend baking some delicious chocolate muffins using Fairtrade cocoa powder and sugar.

We have also had a strange visitor in the classroom…can you guess what type of animal it is?! She moved around at each break time to  surprise the children. Thanks for visiting Snowy!

Fairtrade Fortnight 2022

Over the past two weeks, P7B have been learning about Fairtrade products and how this impacts our world. We watched videos, engaged in discussion and created artwork to represent our views.

The theme for this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight is ‘Choose the World You Want’ and tied in with our learning around COP26. Each child was given the task of creating something which represents what we want the world to look like in the future. Some of the children were confident in presenting their work to the class. We were all impressed with the wide variety of talent on show and the different messages the pupils were trying to portray. Which is your favourite?

The children have been given the opportunity to submit their work to be included in the 2022 Exhibition Wall on the Fairtrade Website. All of the details have been sent to the class on Teams and can be found below:

Get involved in the 2022 Fairtrade Youth Exhibition