P7A Review of the Week

Something a little different this week…

Write a brief postcard style note to Mrs Little telling her about your week.  Think about:

  • What was your favourite lesson/task?
  • What have you improved on?
  • What did you enjoy most?
  • When did you enjoy success?
  • What are you most proud of?
  • What could you have done better?
  • What funny thing happened?

Pick at least 2 of these questions and type your message.  As Glow comments haven’t been working recently, click on this link and add your comments to the Padlet. As usual, they will be moderated before appearing for others to read. https://padlet.com/m2freayz83/im3qjica8kuqctyv



Our week in P7B

Here is a round-up of this week’s activities:

A big thank you to our ‘Star Baker’, Anna, who baked us some delicious cakes using Fairtrade ingredients at home! We will post some more of our Fairtrade learning at the end of Fairtrade Fortnight next week.

P7A Review of the Week 25.2.22

This week was a shorter one because of the In-Service day on Monday but we’ve still packed in a lot!

We’ve enjoyed learning about Volcanoes and have used them as a focus for our Learning in Writing, Science and Technology.  Mrs Little was especially impressed with our exploding volcano gifs. Our task was to create a moving image that showed some part of a volcanic eruption. We could use any app we liked and we certainly rose to the challenge. Here is just one of the fabulous efforts:

We’ve also managed to fit in some Spelling, Music, Gymnastics, Numeracy work on Decimals and some work on Resilience. Other highlights this week have been welcoming Mrs Strathearn on Tuesday and getting totally covered with snow on Thursday morning!

Time for reflection:

We want Mrs Strathearn to see what a fantastic school Kingsland is. What one thing/piece of work would you tell her about this week that shows the best version of you? (It could be something you did, said, made etc).

Happy Birthday Kingsland

Today marks the 12th Anniversary of our school building being opened.  As it is also the birthday of Robert Baden-Powell who founded the Scouting movement which is why today is known as Thinking Day or Founders Day.  Lots of pupils in the school wore their uniforms today to celebrate and remember – here are 3 from P7A looking very smart.

P7A Review of the Week 11.2.22

Our learning this week has included:

  • Numeracy – Finding fractions of an amount & Revising all aspects of fractions
  • Writing – Creating our own first draft of an Explanation text on Earthquakes
  • Spelling – Hard ‘ck’ sound in various spelling patterns
  • Health & Wellbeing – Analysing our skills and interests to find out what future careers we might be best suited for
  • Science – Learning about Earthquakes: What causes them, how to prepare and survive them etc.
  • A P7 Assembly
  • Basketball with Mrs Edge
  • Music with Mrs Inglis – competing our Scottish Song assignments
  • Prefect Break
  • Sports Leadership with Mr Murray – last session
  • Fundraising ideas for Dalguise

Time for Reflection:

  1. What went well this week?
  2. What could have been better?
  3. What are you most proud of this term so far?

P7B Highlights

We have had a busy week in P7B!

In Literacy we have been looking at the following:

Spelling: Looking at words containing the ti and si sound. As part of our spelling routine we have to extend the words, look for rhyming words and using them in context. Our words this week were: lotion, fraction, option, mansion, extension, admission and impression.

Writing: We have been continuing to explore the features of Explanation Writing and worked in small groups to create a class piece on earthquakes. We then spent some time proofreading and editing our work together.

Reading: This week we read an extract from a text called The Cay which was based in Venezuela during WW2. We considered the contrast in the last piece we read which was set during a similar time period. We had to answer comprehension questions on the text and completed some grammar work around the different types of nouns featured in the writing.

We are also having a reading session each Thursday where the children are encouraged to read a variety of texts of their choice. We have created a class Reading Record to keep track of what everyone is reading which the children add to at their own pace. Some of the children are reading articles online, whereas some are bringing in novels from home. Mrs Dundas kindly gave us some new novels for the class too.


Number Work: We have had a short focus on multiples and factors this week. Everyone has shown a real improvement in recall of their multiplication facts as they have been able to apply their knowledge of tables to this topic.

Practical Maths: We have been revising how to calculate the perimeter of a shape and we have been learning how to calculate the  area of a square and rectangle using formula. Again, everyone was able to  demonstrate their knowledge of multiplication facts as they applied this in a different context. Well done everyone!

RSPB Bird Watch:

We supported the Primary 1s on their windy Bird Watch walk. We helped our partners identify a range of birds around the school grounds and worked well together.

We finished the week with some Valentine’s art and our final leadership skills session with Paul Murray.

We also held a class prefect meeting to discuss what was going well and what we could change about our roles and rewards going forward. The prefects who have been carrying out their duties were all rewarded with a prefect break where they could go into the MUGA, have free iPad time or paint and draw.

Have a safe and relaxing February holiday. See you all on Tuesday 22nd February!

P7B Week Highlights

Here are some of our highlights of the week in P7B:


Spelling: The sh and ci sound. The words we learned, grew and used in context were – dish,  bash, shield, shape, astonish, dietician, paediatrician and statistician.

Reading: We have been focusing on more challenging fiction texts and exploring questions which examine the plot, characterisation, language features, figures of speech and imagery.

Writing: The class have started to look at Explanation Writing which explains why or how something happens. We have broken the text into its key features and have worked in groups to write our own piece of Explanation writing together. We will collate each group’s work next week and work together to proof read and edit our work.


Number Work: We have been looking at number patterns this week, applying our knowledge and understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to each set of numbers. Some of the patterns were particularly challenging but we were resilient and gave them a go.

Practical Maths: We have been practising measuring accurately with a ruler, converting different units of measure and learning how to calculate the perimeter of a shape. We have been able to apply our learning in word problem activities and problem solving tasks.

Health and Wellbeing 

We have continued with our ‘Respect Yourself’ topic in class as part of our Building Resilience work. This week we thought about how we could respect our bodies and look after our physical health. It made many of us consider changes that we could make to our daily routines.

Scottish Celebration Afternoon 

We had some lovely Scottie Dog shortbread to eat while we watched our Scottish Assembly. It was a brilliant display of learning from all of the children at Kingsland!


With Mrs Inglis, we have been looking at Scottish songs and creating our own songs. We have also been playing games to help with our memory and rhythm.


We are lucky to have a wonderful new PE teacher, Mrs Edge, who has joined us at Kingsland. We are very much looking forward to developing our fitness and skills with her. Welcome Mrs Edge!

IDL – Natural Disasters

Our new topic is Natural Disasters and we have begun learning about how the earth is made up and how tectonic plates move, resulting in earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. We will be recording all of our learning on Book Creator on our iPads.

Questions to consider:

1. We have completed a number of activities with a partner and in groups this week. Do you think you worked well within your group? What skills did you need to use to help you? If you didn’t feel you worked well, what skills do you think you need to develop?

2. We watched the Scottish celebration assembly together on Thursday. What was your favourite part of the assembly?

3. Think of something you did to help someone in school this week. What did you do and how did it make you feel?