Flower power


For our new topic about plants we decided how we would set up our classroom. We voted to turn it into a flower shop called Poppy’s Petals. It has taken us a long time to set the shop up but, we are very proud of the fact that we did most of the work ourselves. Here we are setting up the canopy for the shop front to make it appeal to customers.

We are learning to play well with others, show care for plants and flowers, learn what different coins look like and work out what change to give our customers.

To keep our customers coming back to buy more flowers and plants we have to be polite to them and say, “Thank you.”

Miniature gardeners


While we are learning about how we can grow healthy plants we have been making our own miniature gardens. Our gardens all look very different and we are beginning to add materials to make our little gardens  3-Dimensional.

We are having fun playing with the gardens we have designed and joining them up with other gardens. This allows us to share our work with others and also to improve our social skills.

Scots’ poems

Well done P2/1 your recitations of the poems and songs you have chosen just get better and better !

Remember on Thursday at our Scottish afternoon you can wear something tartan if you would like to. This will be a fun afternoon where we celebrate  the Scots’ language.

Keep learning your songs and poems at home and in class. We will be sharing them with other classes soon.

Young Scientists – Setting up an experiment


In class we have been learning how to set up an experiment, how to make it a  fair experiment and different ways we can record our findings.

First of all we decided 4 different areas in our classroom where we would grow cress then we decided what we would make different for each tub of cress. So, one tub of cress had no light and no water, one had no light and water, another had light and no water and another had light and water.

We nearly all predicted that the cress with water and sunlight would grow the best and the quickest. However, our prediction proved to be wrong very quickly because the cress in the darkness grew the quickest.

We discussed the fact that we are looking at how to keep plants healthy and although the cress in the darkness grew the quickest the plants were all brown – yet the cress in the sun light was growing at a much slower pace but it was green and healthy. So, we then discussed which cress we would prefer to eat ? 

Recording our experiment has been much more challenging than we thought but, we have learned how important it is to add detail to our drawings and to label our pictures accurately. We thought this would be very easy to do.

The next step in our journey as Scientists is to work in small groups and create our very own experiments by transferring our learning  from our cress experiments and using what we have learned to help us to set up our very own experiments.




P2 Scottish Poems

These are our Scottish poems.  Please choose one of them to learn off by heart so that you can say it to your teacher.  Many thanks.

Twa Leggit Mice by J.K. Annand

My mither says that we hae mice
That open air-ticht tins
And eat her chocolate biscuits
And cakes and siclike things.

Nae doubt it is an awfu shame
That mice should get the blame.
It’s really me that rypes the tins
When left alane at hame.

But jings! I get fair hungert
And biscuits taste sae nice.
But dinna tell my mither for
She thinks it is the mice.

Ode Tae a Spider by Sheena Blackhall

Hairy feet, hairy feet noo whair ye hiddin?
Richt by ma plughole, ye clarty wee midden!
Hairy feet, hairy feet oot the cat flap
Or I’ll dunt ye and dunk ye and turn oan the tap!