P3B are getting really good at talking about their learning


Megan; I logged onto the computer without using my sheet with my username and password because I know them now.

Lewis; I can now log on to the computer.

ICT and Maths:

Frankie; I know my log on and I am faster at number bonds.

Maisie; I learned my number bonds to 20 using Topmarks Hit the Button.

Eliana: I am much faster at number bonds now because of Hit the Button.

Niamh; I can write down sums past 100 and keep the pattern going. My partner helped me. (Niamh beamed a lovely smile as she shared her learning with us. She is obviously proud of her success.)


Ailish; I know that books have hooks.

Junior: A hook is an exciting way to start a story.


Drew; I can write words with ai and ay.

I think you will agree that it’s been another busy day of learning.

I am pleased with the success of our new Reading Journals and I am looking forward to reading about what you like to read and writing messages back to you all. Mrs. Thomson.




P3B What we learned this week

Some reflection on what we learned this week:

I learned my number bonds – PJ, Chloe G and Eliana

I learned number bonds to 20 – Niamh

I can sing a rhyme – Drew  (It’s about pulse and a steady beat in Music)

My class don’t shout out – Charlie H

I learned that friends should be kind – Lochie

I learned about hooks. A hook is a bit that lea.ds you straight into a story – .Sam F    (Lochie – It’s at the start)

I learned about Jenny in the story – Frankie

I learned that P3B are hard working and want to do well.

What we want to get better at:

PJ – I want to get better at getting on with my work.

Chloe G  – I want to get better at writing stories.

Chloe S – I want to get better at getting new friends.

Lewis – I want to get better at number bonds.

Charlie R – I want to get better at challenging myself in Maths.

Sam F – I want to get better at making new friends.

Lochie – I want to get better at reading new long words.

Megan – I want to get better at being faster at number bonds. (I suggest Topmarks Hit the Button games – Mrs. Thomson)

Niamh – I want to get better at number bonds on Hit the Button.

Frankie – I want to get better at getting on with my work.

Mrs. T – I want to get better at recognising Millie and Maisie!







What have we learned this week? (P3A)

I learned how to draw a cartoon penguin, addition words and how to use a laptop.          Sam

I learned how to use the pad on the laptop.     Ethan

I learned words for addition that I worked on with Tomasz.       AJ

I learned that P3A are good listeners and work well on the computers.        Mrs Dundas

I learned how to say ‘sit down’ and ‘stand up’ in French.       Lucy

P3B Team building

Keep checking the Blog as we shall add our Lego display when it is finished.

We have only been in school for 4 days but we already feel like a team. What a great start!

We came from 2 different classes but now we are friends! – Millie

I have made some new friends – Eliana, Drew, Maisie, Frankie, Lochie, Charlie H, Sam  E, Sam F, Isaac, Elsie, Chloe G, Scarlett, – in fact everyone!

It’s good to have everyone in our class – Gabriel