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P3B Health Week

We had great fun trying out different activities like ballet, cheerleading, yoga and Zumba during Health Week. What did you try? What did you learn?

We learned about our health and well being indicators and we made a classroom display to help us to use these as we learn. We need to know what to do if we need help with our Health and Well being. Look on our display for ideas.

Can you name all the indicators?

Safe, healthy, included, achieving, nurtured, active, responsible, respected.

Mrs. Sinclair Physiotherapist visited P3

P3A and P3B would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Megan’s Mum, Mrs. Sinclair for coming to tell us lots about our muscles and her job as a physiotherapist.

After listening and taking part in the activities she gave you:

Do you think being a physiotherapist is an interesting job? Why?

What parts of the body did you learn more about?

If you want to download the free app (Mrs. Sinclair’s friend she brought on her Ipad) it’s called Essential Anatomy 5



P3B Problem solving

P3B have been solving problems in Maths. Mrs. Thomson asked us; Are we curious mathematicians? Do we want to get better at asking mathematical questions? We said YES!

Our problem was from the EnRich Maths website: Eggs in a Basket.

There are 3 baskets, a brown one, a red one and a pink one.

There is a total of 10 eggs.

We had clues:

The brown basket holds 1 more egg than the red basket.

The red basket has 3 fewer eggs than the pink basket.

The challenge was to find out how many eggs were in each basket.

What’s your answer?

We found out that some people got confused with fewer eggs in the red basket. When there are 3 fewer in the red basket you need to add 3 to the pink basket.

It was fun! Sam E

It was epic! Lloyd

It was problem solving fun. Charlie H

Drawing pictures helped me. Eliana

Cubes helped me and my partner. Niamh.

We found when we do it in order e.g 1 then 2 then 3 in the brown basket it helped us to get the answer.


P3B have created a behaviour toolkit

Every morning we move our faces to how we are feeling. This has helped us think about how we are feeling and if we are ready to learn. Mrs. Thomson can catch pupils during the day and have a wee chat if they have been feeling worried or sad. Talking about this can be enough to help the feeling change.

We looked at a real toolkit and designed tools for our behaviour toolkit which would help us to calm down and change how we feel. Some of the ideas we have read about include imagine yourself laughing your head off!

Has this helped you to manage your feelings? How has it helped?

P3B are creating a new reading corner

We have thought of lots of great ideas to make our reading corner attractive so that we will all want to lose ourselves in a book.

Keep checking as we update what we have been doing.

On Wednesday Mrs. Smith, Isaac’s mum came with her sewing machine. We got to sew our on pockets.It was fun. The sewing machine went fast and slow. We pushed the pedal to make it go.

Huge thanks to Mrs. Smith for all her help.

P3B Scots Poetry Competition

Well done everyone for learning your Scots Poems Captain Puggle and The Sair Finger. The winner in P3B was Chloe Girdwood. We were all very proud of Chloe today when she recited her poem perfectly in front of the whole school.

Our runner up was Frankie Smellie with another fabulous rendition of The Sair Finger. Frankie made us laugh with her angry fist when she said, “Ye rogue!”

What a lot of talented pupils we have in our school! We were so proud of Sam Fitzgerald who played The Skye Boat song on his treble recorder alongside Callum, his brother, on his descant recorder. A performance to be proud of boys. Well done.

P3B Keen Poetry Writers

The pupils below  have inspired more poetry writers to write poems at home.  Here are their poems:

Blue is and Yellow is poems by Maisie

Blue is the sky

Blue is the sea

Blue is the river

Blue is the water

Blue is the bath.


Yellow is the sun

Yellow is bananas

Yellow is lemons

Yellow is pineapple

Yellow is summer.

My Blue Poem by Megan

Blue is as blue as a blueberry,

Blue is as blue as my dolphin Giggles,

Blue is as blue as a blue pen,

Blue is as blue as a summer sky.


Some pupils have been so keen on writing poetry that they have written their own poems at home. Fantastic girls, well done.

Eliana Herd wrote a Red is list poem:

Red is blood,

Red is love hearts,

Red is a traffic light,

Red is roses.

Ailish Bartley wrote a poem about a hummingbird:


Hum hum little one brighter than the sun,

Hum hum Fun fun I found you,

Hum hum Fun fun Found found,

Flap now Flutter away  Hum hum Fun,

Fun Found Found Flap Flap

Have FUN!

Niamh Donnachie wrote a Scottish Landscape Poem:

Spring – warm and rainy, Purple and pink

flowers pop up when you think.

Summer – warm and bright, Yellow and blue

A really hot day for you.

Autumn – Windy and cold, red and brown

Autumn leaves falling down.

Winter – cold and snowy white and grey

The perfect day to make a snowman.



P3B It’s fun learning our multiplication tables with Maths Rockx

Maths Rockx

We have been learning our 4 times table along to the One Direction song What makes you beautiful.

Thank you to the adults who have bought this app at home. I am sure your children will enjoy learning their tables with these songs.

We have also used the song Row Row Row Your Boat to learn the stations of the 4 times table. Ask your child to sing them to you.

If your child is finding it tricky to understand what multiplication is all about. Use the language sets of. Use household objects and make sets  e.g. 2 sets of 2 apples. Write it as 2 x 2 apples. Point out sets in real contexts e.g. shops, your body 2 sets of 10 fingers, pairs of socks, gloves ….

We are enjoying playing Bingo to help us learn our tables. If you wish to do this at home choose a times table, draw a rectangle and split it into 6 boxes. In each box write an answer from your chosen times table. The caller calls out e.g. two sixes, 2 times 8, 2 multiplied by 5, 10 multiplied by 2 etc. If you have the answer to the caller’s question score it out or cover it with a counter/penny etc. Have fun playing.