Today we finally launched our orange attack on our own castles. We could pick a huge orange if we were brave and confident or we could choose a little clementine if we were worried that our castle would not withstand our attack.

What was the result ?

The Lego castles fared the worst and many collapsed when they were under aerial attack !

It was a great way to spend  a sunny afternoon in the playground and we got to see the amazing castle designs the other classes came up with. We had followed the design brief and most of our castles stayed intact?

This was more than could be said for the oranges and clementines !

Thank you to all who helped at home with the castles. The children have really enjoyed looking at and exploring the models.

What mysteries lie in Neidpath Castle?

We had quite an adventure today as we walked on our trip to Neidpath castle.

Inside the castle we were amazed to find a deep well, a dungeon, a prison, a friendly skeleton and even a toilet in the wall !

The castle was so amazing and we were all very excited to see what it would really have been like to live in a castle. Tapestries kept the rooms cosy along with huge fireplaces.

Did anyone smell a rat?

  • Thank you so much to all the parent helpers for supporting us on our castle tour – we could not have done it without you !