Well done P5

Primary 5 you have blown us away this week! Mrs Rand and I have loved seeing everything you’ve posted on the Share Space or the Kingsland Challenge page. Thank you too to everyone who has emailed to say hi, ask a question or send some work. We are missing you all but it’s lovely to keep in contact with you. It has been great to see all your Viking stuff – I feel we got our sharing time after all.

Now, it’s Friday and the weekend starts here. No homework please – try to do something nice with your family.  Read books, play games, build dens, do some cooking together and get some fresh air when you can. We’ll be in touch soon.


Handwriting Help

At Kingsland we have been trying extra hard with our presentation recently. I have been learning how to use some new apps on my iPad and thought this short video might be helpful to remind you (and your parents) how we form our letters for cursive script at Kingsland. I had to do it with my finger so I may not be quite on the lines.  Can you do any better? Remember to always start every letter from the line and use a leading join. Click on the green link below to watch the video.

Letter formation video

Kingsland Daffodil Challenge

I had a go at the drawing challenge set by Mrs Wilson and beautifully demonstrated by Mrs Collins. Have you had a go yet? I can’t wait to see how they turn out. Remember to share your finished pictures on the school sharing page via the Kingsland Website. Here’s mine…

Viking Cafe Homework

We can’t have our planned Viking morning this Friday but we can still share our learning with each other. A few people managed to bring things in a little earlier than asked and I know lots of you are sharing things on the Share Space or by email. Here are just a few of the fabulous things you have made.

Hello from Mrs Rand and Mrs Little

Hi Primary 5

Hope you are all well and looking forward to some activities and challenges.  There will be some tasks for you to do in the Home Learning page and also on the school website.  Please share your learning with us either on the share page or by email.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Winter inspiration

As we (hopefully) head towards Spring, here’s a selection of some of our work which was inspired by the recent wintery weather. P5A explored different media and painting techniques to create these beautiful wintery trees. We also used ‘Snow’ as a theme for writing Narrative texts where the complication was something to do with the weather. Together we think they make a pretty good addition to our already fabulous corridor.

cuisenaire rods

We have been using the Cuisenaire rods to help with our division in maths but we also figured out lots of other things they could help us with.  We showed number bonds to 10 and 20, number stories (ways to show a number eg 4 and be 2+2, 3+1 etc), the 2 times table and lots more.

museum visit

On Wednesday 11th March we visited the National museum in Edinburgh.  We started off visiting the science zone where we had great fun exploring and experimenting.  We then went to see the animals before having a break for lunch. In the afternoon we went to see the Roman artefacts and had a great time hunting for various objects including sandals, swords and some Roman coins.

Let there be light!

In P5 we have been learning about Light and Sound. This week we looked at what a light source was and what a reflector was. We also learned about natural and artificial light sources.
Every time we leave the school grounds we wear these Hi-vis bibs but did we ever really realise how effective they were?  This photo shows what happens when the light from a vehicle shines on the reflective strips at night. We thought it was really cool!