Amazing Alphabet

P4a found some websites to help us practise alphabetical order.

Use the links below to practise your alphabet skills at home.



For a challenge try this one:



We have been learning how to write play scripts this term.  Here is one between George and Grandma:

Grandma: What did you put in the medicine Worm?

George: I put in toothpaste and brown paint.

Grandma: No wonder it was disgusting!

George: You kind of deserved it because you are quite mean Grandma.

Grandma: Me mean? I’m not mean!

George: As well as that I put in some nippy things including horse radish sauce and some chillies.

Grandma: No wonder my tummy went on fire!


code cracking maths

On Monday we had great fun in maths.  We were given number clues that we had to work out and each clue was a number that opened a padlock. Once we opened the padlock we got the next clue and had to keep going until we got to envelop number 4.  The first table to crack all the clues was the Matilda table.