Scottish Poetry

We have been working hard to learn our Scottish poem, “Ma Wee Rid Motor” and Scottish song, “Katie Beardie”. We shared them together in class and our teachers were very proud of us.

Well done Primary 1!

A Special Visitor

Primary 1 were very excited when they had a special visit from Agnes Burns. Agnes looked different because she wore unusual clothes and she didn’t travel in a car – she came by horse and cart. She called us bairns and not children. She even called Mrs. Musgrave ,”Dearie !” We thought that was really funny.

She showed us a picture of her little cottage with its thatched roof. We were fascinated when she told us that her animals lived  in part of her cottage.

She had a basket full of her special things including her silver spoons, candle stick and her thick woollen shawl. We think that Mrs. Burns is a time traveller from long ago and we are really looking forward to finding out more about her life.